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International Programs

Togo Ambassador to The United States visits CCSU, Feb. 1, 2013

CPPSR recently welcomed to campus the Honorable LIMBIYE K. BARIKI, Ambassador of Togo to the United States (and Brazil). Discussions centered on possible best-practices training programs for Togolese public administrators.

The CPPSR group included Veronique Fournier-Wynne, who ably assisted with translation; John Pasco; and Erik Cronqvist of the US-China Center. Ambassador Bariki was accompanied by Mr. Zato Katambaya, Math/Science Department Head and STEM Administrator of New London High School, Connecticut.



Ambassador Bariki with Graphic Designer and French translator Veronique Fournier-Wynne



CPPSR Executive Director Steve Kliger with Ambassador Bariki



CPPSR’s Oyo State Public Administrators Project

Beginning in February of 2010, the Center began hosting delegations of public administrators from Oyo State, Nigeria, for professional development programs of approximately two weeks duration.

Taking full advantage of CCSU’s expert faculty from its various schools - as well as state and local public officials and policymakers - the Center designed its curriculum to advance the public service skills of Nigerian leaders by showcasing what are considered both ‘best theory’ and ‘best practices’ in the field, as developed in the USA.

Dr. Olusegun Odesina, Associate Dean of CCSU’s School of Engineering and Technology, was key in bringing the Center together with the Oyo State groups, which have been sponsored by the Quality of Life Foundation, based in Nigeria.

The Quality of Life Foundation has been very ably represented by its Executive Director, Layi Egunjobi. The most recent delegation visited in October of 2011, and like those before, served with distinction as well-respected ambassadors from Oyo State.

Through on-campus classroom lectures, onsite visits to municipal and state offices, and in-depth interchanges with government practitioners, each member of the respective delegations has had a unique opportunity to enrich his or her professional knowledge…

…but it must be said that for those who have had the opportunity to meet and work with our Oyo State delegations, the learning experience has been truly mutual.