Applied Research Projects



Applied Research Projects

CPPSR provides affordable, state-of-the-art research, analysis, and consulting services to enhance the quality and delivery of public and non-profit services in Connecticut.

Expert CCSU faculty and motivated student research assistants conduct survey research, focus groups, market research, needs assessments, communication campaigns, program evaluation, and project development for state and local governments and non-profit organizations. A description of two such projects are listed below:

Connecticut State Board of Education and Services to the Blind (BESB)

CPPSR has administered an annual survey of client satisfaction of state services for the blind for the last decade. The survey consists of the following:

  • Administer an annual consumer satisfaction survey instrument provided by the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) to evaluate vocational rehabilitation (VR) consumer satisfaction with services made available through the BESB VR Program using telephone surveyors who can communicate to consumers in English,
  • Administer the survey in the primary language or non-English speaking consumers,
  • Analyze the data and provide statistical analysis in written reporting format,
  • Identify trends from the survey responses for each of 5 regions for the survey questions related to counselors, and to utilize open-ended follow-up survey questions for consumers who indicate the highest ratings (8-10) and lowest ratings (1-3) of satisfaction with counselors
  • Compare trends in satisfaction levels to prior year surveys’
  • Provide an executive summary of the results of the consumer satisfaction survey in electronic, large print Word format.

Water as a Public Trust

In October of 2018, CPPSR was approached by the Rivers Alliance of Connecticut to co-sponsor a major state-wide conference on state water resource policy, specific measures to protect water resources and the principle of “water as a public trust resource.”

After a preliminary internal discussion and consideration of the proposal, CPPSR and the O’Neill Chair agreed to participate with the understanding that sponsorship would also be extended to the CCSU Departments of Geography and Economics and relevant faculty and students would participate on the planning committee.

Planning was involved and included successful efforts to ensure participation from the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), water companies and their outside legal counsel, members of the Connecticut General Assembly, environmental advocacy groups, municipal planners, and experts in the field. Students were involved in the logistical planning of the conference, maintenance of attendance records, design and preparation of invitations, digital recording of the conference, promotional material, and assistance on the day of the event.

The following items were covered at the event:

  • various interpretations of the “public trust” requirement were offered,
  • best practices were examined,
  • several case studies were presented
  • and a forecast for potential upcoming legislation was formulated and presented.

Conducted on a Saturday morning, the conference drew nearly 180 attendees and received very favorable reviews from sponsors, participants and audience members.

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