COVID19 - The Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Campus Update

CCSU is in the process of developing operational strategies for the Fall 2020 semester. At this time, our intent is to begin the academic year with a combined on-ground and online strategy.

  • While some classes will be fully online, we will also implement a HyFlex model. It is a flexible approach allowing faculty to simultaneously teach a class to students, some who are in the classroom and some who are online. The “live” class is streamed while also being recorded for future playback; 
  • Residence halls will reopen on August 24; 
  • The first day of classes will be August 26; and
  • Following the Thanksgiving break, the last week of classes and finals will be conducted online. Resident students will be expected to move out of their residence halls when they leave for the break (those with special circumstances may work out alternate plans with Residence Life staff).

Before our campus reopens, the following conditions must be met:

  • The prevalence of COVID-19 cases in Connecticut must be low enough (as determined by the Dept. of Public Health).
  • The state must ensure colleges and universities have adequate supplies of viral diagnostic tests and adequate financial support to obtain, administer, and process them.
  • The state should enable institutions to have adequate capacity to conduct contact tracing.
  • The state should provide specific public health guidelines for colleges and universities.
  • Nearby health care facilities must have adequate surge capacity; and
  • The state should offer an appropriate “safe harbor” from liability for institutions that bring students back to campus.

We are also required to file four plans with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, detailing how we propose to accomplish the following: 

  • Repopulate the campus
  • Monitor health conditions to detect infection
  • Contain the spread of disease when detected
  • Shut down the campus if it becomes necessary