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The Copy Center has added new features to its services. Our customers can now utilize "On-Line" submissions and our new optional Full color copying.

"On-Line" submissions will allow our customers to send their work to the Copy Center from their office or even their homes via the internet. Utilizing this new feature will be easier than filling out the old paper form. No more trips to the Copy Center to drop off your work. Select "Campus Mail" as your delivery option and picking up your work will be eliminated. Tests are the only exception to that feature.

Files can be in MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PageMaker, Illustrator and Photoshop format.

Menu options offered at the Copy Center are listed below. To obtain a brief description of the feature, just click on the option.


  • Account Information

Special Packaging

  • Three Hole punching

Ink Color

  • Black and White 
  • Full Color Copies

Number of Pages and Copies

  • Page Count
  • Copy Count

Paper Color

  • Regular Paper
  • Special Paper

Handle of Completed Jobs

  • Pickup Method
  • Contact Method


  • One Sided
  • Back to Back

Special Instructions

  • What are special instructions?

Special Finishing

  • Staple
  • Collate
  • Stack
  • Fold


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Brendan Kelly
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