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Community Engagement



Why Get Involved?

Participating in volunteer, service learning, community-based research or other community engagement activities can expose students to real world challenges that affect our diverse community. These hands-on experiences can teach you how to think critically about the wide impacts of these issues while working alongside and learning from community and industry experts. Working with community members, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, will help students build resumes, become more familiar with industries or areas of personal interest, and become better prepared with the interpersonal, technical, and professional skills to achieve success in the modern day workforce.

The Office of Community Engagement is here as resource, not only for the individual student, but also for student clubs and organizations interested in contributing to the larger community or simply looking for bonding opportunities. We can connect you with one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities based on community needs through our community partnerships.

Post-Graduate Community Engagement Opportunities

Looking for opportunities to make community engagement part of your post-graduation plan? Check out these local, state, and national service programs!