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Center for Community Engagement and Social Research



CCESR encourages CCSU students to complete an internship to gain practical field experience and inform their next career steps after graduation. Although some academic programs require placement hours and others do not, all students should consider the invaluable work experience gained through an internship! Internship placements can be part-time or full-time and can extend over any period of time.. CCESR is here to help with:

  • Finding an internship placement
  • Connecting you with a local organization
  • Figuring out requirements for your academic program

See Program Specific Internship Requirements for information related to a selection of majors' off-campus placement requirements.



Career Development Office

The Career Development Office provides career support services to CCSU students from incoming freshmen to alumni. This office is designed to help students with:

  • Part-time/full-time on-or-off campus employment
  • Internships and Co-operative work experiences
  • Resume reviews and cover-letter critiques
  • Interview techniques and dressing for success

Career Development also holds several career fairs throughout the year, which provides students with the opportunity to network with potential employers. Some career fairs are tailored to specific majors, such as the Accounting Fair typically held in September. Visit the Career Development Office Website for more information on their services and upcoming events!

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