2017 Events

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2017 Events

Past Events in Confucius Institute at CCSU

Make n Take Workshop

2017 Chinese Teacher Make-n-Take

Pictures from the collaboration with Glastonbury Public Schools for professional development to any Chinese language teacher in a more hands on way, focusing on local teachers who shared practical teaching skills and activities to implement into the classroom.


A Concert Featuring Jin Quanai

Pictures from the concert featuring Jin Quanai, a professor at Wuhan Conservatory of Music for vocal music.


International Education Day

Pictures of performances and presentations by attendees to the International Education Day.


CCSU 2017 Global Citizenship Program to China (EOP)

Pictures from the E.O.P. students visit to China.


Model CI Symposium

Pictures from the celebration of the Western Kentucky Confucius Institute, which was named the model Confucius Institute.


Chinese Ethnic Music & Daoism Lecture

Pictures from the presentation done by Jin Quanai, a professor in the Department of Vocal Music at the Wuhan conservatory of Music in China.


3rd Confucius Institute Board Meeting

Pictures of attendees at the Confucius Institute board meeting.


CI Teaching Case Study Awards Presentation

Pictures of attendees and award winners out of all the teachers who submitted case studies about technology or classroom management and cultural event. The goal was to share successful teaching practices with other teachers to them implement in their own classrooms.


CI Team Meeting 2017

Pictures of attendees at the Confucius Institute Meeting in 2017.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat Festival

Pictures from the Dragon Boat Race and Asian Festival on the Connecticut River. The festival includes activities such as bamboo crafts and art lessons, as well as performances by various groups in dance, martial arts, and more.


Shandong Normal University Visit

Pictures of student visitors to CCSU from the Shandong Normal University.

teacher training

Chinese Language Teacher Training

Pictures of presentations, activities, and works done for the orientation of new Chinese language teachers at CCSU.


New Teacher Orientation

Pictures from the orientation of 6 new teachers to assist them in classroom management and getting used to the American education system versus the Chinese education system.

CI Day

Confucius Day

Pictures of performances and presentations put together for the celebration of Confucius Day at CCSU.


CCSU Meets Zhang Hong

Pictures from Zhang Hong’s visit to CCSU. Zhang Hong is a top abstract artist from China.


Living Her Dream

Pictures from the lecture by a local DREAMER. Dreamers are people who are undocumented immigrants who came to America before they were the age of 16 and have lived in the United States continuously since then.


Confucianism and American Philosophy

Pictures from the forum with the professor Matt Foust talking about his new book, Confucianism and American Philosophy, highlighting comparative philosophy.

NB Schools

New Britain High School Fundraising

Pictures from the afterschool program that fundraised for all the students to have a Chinese dinner with members of the Confucius Institute.