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Work Life Balance

Committee on the Concerns of Women Subcommittee

Work-Life Balance Committee, a sub-committee of the Committee on the Concerns of Women at CCSU, is focused on providing leadership in facilitating the integration of work and study with family/personal life at Central Connecticut State University. Our mission supports

the broader goals of creating a healthy and productive learning and working environment and contributing to the well-being of future generations.

Over the past decade, academic institutions have increasingly begun to focus attention on the importance of work/family issues for students, faculty, and staff, generating rapid growth in the number and variety of campus programs designed to address work/family needs. Our focus is to encourage the university to develop strategies for all members of the campus community to better balance their Work-Life arenas. We believe it is necessary and important to work with individuals from various organizations and groups on campus in order to achieve this important endeavor.


Proposal to Create a Pilot Child Care Drop-In Center, February 2012 (PDF)

Child Care Proposal and Work-Life Balance Issues at CCSU (PDF)

Work-Life Balance Issues (Child Care Proposal) at CCSU (PDF)

Finding the Right Work-Life Balance for You (PDF) (PPT)

CCTF Report to Faculty Senate (Spring 2011)

Final Report - Student Child Care Survey 2010 (PDF)

Subcommittee Contact Info

Leah Glaser, Professor of History
Chair, CCW – Work Life Balance
Subcommittee on the Concerns of Women
Social Sciences Hall, 206-17