The Committee on the Concerns of Women


CCW Sub-Committee Member List 2015-16

Scholarship Committee

Chair Kristin Larson

Members Elisabeth Brewer, Susan Gilmore

Promotion & Tenure AAUP Contract Review

Chair Rebecca Wood

Members Kristin D'Amato, Meg Levvis, Susan Slaga-Metivier, Stella Bianco

Women of Color

Co-Chairs Jacqueline Cobbina Boivin & Myrna Garcia-Bowen

Members Fiona Pearson, Jessica Greenebaum, Stella Bianco, Onyi Obidoa-Pelletier

Work Life Balance

Co-Chairs Fiona Pearson & Leah Glaser

Members Eva Vrdoljak, Claudia Richards-Meade, Onyi Obidoa-Pelletier, Cara Mulcahy

Ruthe Boyea Scholarship

Chair Kristine Larsen

Members Elizabeth Brewer, Susan Gilmore, Jessica Greenebaum

Sexual Assault & Harassment

Chair Evadne Ngazimbi

Members OnyiObidoa-Pelletier, Stella Bianco, Jacqueline Cobbina Boivin (Miriam Desgazon-alternate for Jacqueline)

CCSU Students

Co-Chairs Onyi Obidoa & Stella Bianco