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Admissions Information

Pre-Major Status

Students may apply for admission to the School of Business as part of their initial application for admission to the University. Students will be in pre-major status until they are formally admitted to business major status.

Business Major Status

The School of Business requires objective evidence that a student possesses the quantitative and verbal aptitude plus the fundamental economics and accounting skills to move on to upper division business coursework and successfully complete his or her desired business degree program. Students are also expected to have a working knowledge of basic computer applications such as word processing and spreadsheets.

Students accepted into business major status must maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average in business coursework and in the University grade point average. A student who has attained business major status in the School of Business and whose grade point average falls below the required minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average will not be able to graduate.

Students must be formally admitted to business major status before they will be permitted to enroll in upper division (300-400 level) business courses. Business major status will only be granted to students who have:

  • Achieved at least Junior standing.
  • Completed the following pre-major courses with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5:
    • AC 211 and AC 212
    • ECON 200 and ECON 201
    • ENG 110
    • MATH 123 OR MATH 125
    • STAT 200
    • MC 207
  • Attained a grade of "C-" or better in each of the pre-major required courses.
  • Earned a minimum of 2.5 in all coursework at CCSU.

Generally, students who have successfully completed the requirements for business major status will be automatically changed from pre-major to major status and assigned a faculty advisor in their major department. For further information, call the School of Business Student Services Center at 860-832-3205.

Students who expect to successfully complete the pre-major requirements by the close of the current semester will be permitted to conditionally register for upper division business courses in their major for the following semester. If such students subsequently fail to successfully complete the pre-major requirements, their conditional permission will be revoked and they will be removed from upper division business courses.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must meet the same course requirements, application procedures, and cumulative grade point averages as CCSU students. Transfer credit for pre-major requirements courses, common business core courses, and chosen major courses will not be granted by the School of Business unless such courses were completed with grades of C- or better. Transfer grades for pre-major courses (AC 211 and 212; ECON 200 and 201; ENG 110; MATH 123 or 125; STAT 200; MC 207 or equivalencies as approved by the School of Business) taken at other colleges and universities will be included in the GPA calculation of pre-business major courses. Students may be asked to repeat those courses to attain a minimum GPA of 2.50 for the pre-business major courses.

Academic Advising

Academic advising and intervention are an integral and vital component of the School of Business students' experience. Academic Advising for business majors consists of the following components:

School of Business Student Services Center

The School of Business Student Services Center works with business students to complete their Lower Division requirements. Pre-major business students must meet with an academic advisor each semester prior to the course registration period to review course selections and assure that students are progressing satisfactorily. Students can schedule an appointment at the School of Business Student Services Center.

If an academic problem occurs, an academic advisor may intervene with future course selections and facilitate an academic support program for the student. Pre-major students who do not meet the minimum requirements for admission to upper division status in the School of Business may be referred to the Academic Ally Peer Mentoring Program. This program is designed to address the academic achievement gap among students, particularly those with a grade point average (GPA) between 2.0 and 2.5. Topics covered include, The Strategic Learning Model, (Skill, Will, Self – Regulation, and Academic Environment), time management, study skills, campus recourses, etc.

Faculty Advising

After successfully completing all pre-major requirements, students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor in their major department. The faculty advisor will assist with the selection of courses that support each student's particular interests and help create a program of study leading to graduation. Faculty advisors also provide valuable career-related advice and counseling as well as assistance with preparing for graduate programs.