Bridges Program - Requirements for Completion

Summer Bridges Program


Requirements for Completion

This program requires commitment. You commit to putting in the time and effort necessary to successfully complete the program and we will commit to helping you accomplish that goal. 

Summer Bridges Requirements – General

  • Check CCSU email regularly – communication will go to this address only
  • Attend all lunch time programs until dismissed

Summer Bridges MATH – Requirements for MATH 099 Exemption

To successfully complete the Bridges program and earn exemption from MATH 099, students must:

  • not miss more than 3 days of the program, none of which can be during the first week.
  • complete ALL homework assignments within the week they are assigned.
  • demonstrate regular attention and effort in class.
  • participate in ALL of the lunchtime activities until dismissed.
  • earn a minimum score on the MATH 099 Exemption Exam on the last day of the program.

***Students who do not complete the assignments as scheduled or leave before dismissed at lunch will not have successfully completed the program. This means such students will not have earned the right to sit for the MATH 099 Exemption Exam and WILL NOT earn exemption from MATH 099.

Successful students will be assisted with schedule changes to the appropriate, higher-level math course shortly after completion of program.

 Summer Bridges WRITING – Requirements for WRT 100 Credit