Math Placement

Summer Bridges Program


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Karen Santoro, Bridges Program Director
Algebra Coordinator
(860) 832-2854


Information about Math Placement at CCSU

For new students:  Your initial math placement is determined by Math SAT or Math ACT scores as follows*:

Old Math SAT

New Math SAT

Math ACT

Math Course Placement

450 or below

490 or below

17 or below

MATH 099

Elementary Algebra

460  –   490

500  –   520

18 - 21


Applied Algebra w/ Elementary Algebra

500  –   540

530 –   570

22 - 23

MATH 102 or MATH 103

Applied Algebra or College Algebra


550 or above


24 or above


Various College-Level Courses

The goal of college math placement is not to evaluate past student performance but rather to determine the course level at which a student can be successful. Initial math placement for all new incoming students is based on the SAT and/or ACT math scores and not on high school grades or the CAPT. Math programs vary widely from high school to high school and so grades alone have not proven to be an adequate measure of student ability to succeed in college mathematics. While the CAPT is a more standardized measure, it too fails to be an effective placement tool as it is administered during the sophomore year – more than two years before a student begins college.

If a student feels that her math knowledge and skills are not accurately reflected by the Math SAT or ACT score, then we recommend that she take advantage of the opportunity given to all new students to take an Accuplacer test on campus. CCSU uses this test as another placement tool and it will override the math SAT or ACT score if she places into a higher-level math course.

You may contact the CCSU Learning Center (860-832-1900) for more information about taking the Accuplacer this summer.