Who is Eligible?

Summer Bridges Program


Contact Information

Karen Santoro, Bridges Program Director
Algebra Coordinator
(860) 832-2854


Who is Eligible for Bridges?

Confirmed, incoming, first-year students who qualify to participate in CCSU’s Summer Bridges Program if they have…


  • Placed into Math 099 or Math 102CB (099/102 Combo)

About the MATH 099/Elementary Algebra Requirement

It is the policy of the Connecticut State University System that you must place out of Elementary Algebra (MATH 099) or successfully complete it within your first 24 credits taken at CCSU or you will not be allowed to register for courses at CCSU or any other CSU institution.  This requirement must be met before many other college-level courses can be taken, so satisfying the MATH 099 requirement is essential to avoid a delay in graduation.

The table below shows initial math placement for new students which is based on SAT and ACT scores.  You may challenge your initial placement by scheduling a placement exam through the Learning Center (860) 832-1900. 

Old Math SAT

New Math SAT

Math ACT

Math Course Placement

450 or below

490 or below

17 or below

MATH 099

Elementary Algebra

460  –   490

500  –   520

18 - 21


Applied Algebra w/ Elementary Algebra

500  –   540

530 –   570

22 - 23

MATH 102 or MATH 103

Applied Algebra or College Algebra


550 or above


24 or above


Various College-Level Courses

For more information about the placement table above  click here

Placement into MATH 102CB means that you have not yet fulfilled the MATH 099 requirement. 

MATH 102CB is an intensive course that meets for 5 hours per week and includes all of the material in both MATH 099 and MATH 102.  Students completing this course earn 3 credits for MATH 102 only.  It is a definite advantage for you to complete Bridges to fulfill the MATH 099 requirement so you can take a regular 3-hour per week MATH 102 or MATH 103 course in the fall. 

Successfully completing the Summer Bridges Math Program will earn you exemption from MATH 099 and entrance into regular MATH 102 or MATH 103, both college level courses, in the fall. 

About the WRT 100/Composition Requirement

Most students are required to take the Writing Placement Exam before enrolling in a composition course (please see the link below for more information). All students who place into WRT 100 must successfully complete the course within their first 24 credits of enrollment. Since WRT 100 is a pre-requisite for WRT 105/105P and WRT 110 (and since taking one of those is required for graduation), satisfying your WRT 100 requirement as quickly as possible is extremely important to ensure your graduation date is not delayed. To help students save money and meet their goals, we encourage all students who place into WRT 100 to enroll in the Bridges program… we’ll even save a seat for you in a WRT 105/105P or WRT 110 section for you in the Fall!

For general and contact information about the Writing Placement Exam, click here.

To schedule a Math Placement Test contact the Learning Center at 860-832-1900

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To learn more about the general education requirements at CCSU, click here.