Sexual Harassment

The Ruthe Boyea Women's Center


Central Connecticut State University Statement

Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) will not tolerate sexual misconduct against students, staff, faculty, or visitors, whether it comes in the form of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation or sexual harassment, as defined in the BOR policy.  In an ongoing effort to prevent sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence on the CCSU campus, the University provides education and prevention programs for the CCSU community and pursues all criminal and administrative remedies for complaints of sexual misconduct.   

CCSU is a community dependent upon trust and respect for its constituent members: students, faculty, staff and those visiting or under temporary contract.  As noted in CCSU’s Violence Free Campus Policy, members of the University community have the right to a safe and welcoming campus environment.   Acts of sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence threaten personal safety and violate the standards of conduct expected of community members.

Click here for the complete BOR/CSCU Policy.