Dating Violence

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Dating Violence

What is Dating Violence? Dating/Relationship violence can be physical, sexual or emotional in nature.

  • Emotional Abuse - Insults, name-calling, yelling, threats, humiliation, isolation.
  • Physical Abuse - Hiitting, pinching, shoving, restraining, destroying property, choking.
  • Sexual Abuse - Rape, sexual abuse, coercion or manipulation of a partner to engage in sexual conduct.

Every 15 seconds a women is beaten by her partner. This results in 1 in 10 teenagers experiencing abuse, and 4 million incidents a year. Many more go unreported each year. Dating violence is a statistical problem, but more important is the realization that for victims of abuse it could be the biggest problem of their lives.

Victims and abusers come from all racial, gender, sex, socio-economic, ethnic, and religious groups. Most victims of abuse are female, and most abusers are male. However, men can be victims and women can be abusers. A number of reported cases involve same sex relationships as well.

The Ruthe Boyea Women's Center is dedicated to the prevention of dating violence and helping it's victims. Please see the navigation bar on the left for additional resources.