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Biomolecular Sciences (BMS)

In the BMS department you will find student-centered classes and a program that will prepare you for careers in biomedical research and health professions.

All students engage in research projects with BMS faculty.  Student research is a high impact experience that enhances understanding of molecular biology and provides hands-on experience with in-demand techniques.

Group of students with handwritten "CCSU 2019" sign
Students present their work at research conferences

What our alumni are saying:

Matt Rubenstein (CCSU ’07) D.V.M, veterinarian

What I did at CCSU that helped me to achieve my goals was getting an absolute rock-solid science education. My first year of vet school was fairly easy because of the amazing science foundation I had.

Elisabeth Adkins Marnik Ph.D., (CCSU ’11) Assistant Professor, Molecular Biochemistry

While at CCSU I did undergraduate research with Dr. Thomas King. It was during the years I worked with him that I fell in love with research and the process of science. 

Michelle Kayser M.D. (CCSU ’13), pediatrician

I credit my success to the BMS department. I wouldn’t have discovered my passion without BMS.

Catherine Schuberth-Galdamez B.S.N (CCSU ’18), oncology nurse

Everything I did at Central helped me reach my goals, my experience doing research and all my BMS courses taught me to think critically which benefited me not only through the accelerated nursing program but also in my nursing career.

Learn about advances in biomedical research in our courses.

Some recent topics courses (BMS 490 and BMS 540):

Bacterial toxins
Global Health Issues
Stem Cells: Lab to Clinic

Vaccine Development 
Cancer Biology

Upcoming courses:

Molecular and Cellular Immunology

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