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  • VAX Benefits
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Please get vaccinated! Vaccines have been identified as the best means of mitigation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, stay healthy, keep our loved ones healthy, and fully enjoy all that the CCSU campus has to offer.

The Board of Regents, which oversees the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system including CCSU, has voted to require all students to be fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus or they must have an approved medical or non-medical exemption before coming to campus. This includes students who live on campus, attend classes on campus, or participate in any kind of activity on campus.

There are several ways you can complete the vaccination requirement process for the fall. You must HAVE either submitted proof of your vaccination OR requested a medical or non-medical exemption prior to the first day of classes, January 19, 2022.  You can still submit your form at any time.


If you plan to get vaccinated or have only received the first dose of a two-dose vaccine, wait until you receive your final dose and then then upload an image of your vaccination card via Medicat.

If you are not fully vaccinated by January, you will automatically default as non-vaccinated. Once fully vaccinated, upload your vaccination card and you will receive a confirmation of your completion. 


There are two possible exemptions, a non-medical and a medical. Given the active pandemic, individuals with an approved exemption may be instructed to wear masks at all times indoors, be subjected to COVID-19 testing, remain off campus during a disease outbreak, be expected to quarantine, or to follow other precautionary policies. These public safety measures are designed to keep the university community safe.


Submit a non-medical exemption request through the Medicat student health portal. We will process these requests on a rolling basis. 

Submit the Request


The medical exemption form needs to be printed out and approved by a healthcare practitioner. The options to submit the completed document are printed on the form.

Download the Form


You need to upload an image of your completed vaccination card. You can do so through the Medicat student health portal.  

Please use your CCSU BlueNet credentials to log in to the Medicat student health portal. Once there, click on UPLOADS and select “COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.” For issues or questions about your BlueNet account, visit the BlueNet Account Information page on our website.

VAX 101

Are all students required to get vaccinated?

The Board of Regents for Higher Education is requiring that all students who attend in-person classes or events on campus are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

What if I plan to only attend online classes?

We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated. However, you are not required to get vaccinated if all of your classes are online and you will not be coming to campus for any reason. Individuals who have been granted a vaccine exemption are allowed to come to campus and to attend on-ground classes, but they must wear a mask at all times.

View the Connecticut Vaccine Portal to find a FREE vaccine provider near you (

Are employees required to be vaccinated?

All employees are required to be vaccinated or obtain an exemption. All employees who are not deemed fully vaccinated are required to test weekly unless otherwise accommodated. Employees should consult with their supervisor and Human Resources for more information.

Will I be required to wear a mask and practice physical distancing once I am fully vaccinated?

Other than the exceptions stated below, the wearing of face masks is required in all campus buildings, and we recommend wearing them outdoors where 3 feet of social distance is not feasible. This applies to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors regardless of their vaccination status.

Those with underlying medical conditions and have been advised by a medical professional to refrain from wearing a face mask or other PPE cannot come to campus until they consult with either Human Resources (faculty and staff) or the Office of Student Disability Services (students).


    • Students are not required to wear face masks when in their residence hall room.
    • In classrooms, students and instructors are required to wear a face mask.
    • Faculty teaching behind plexiglass at a teacher’s station may intermittently remove their mask.
    • Individuals eating in university designated dining areas may remove their mask.
    • Faculty and staff who work in a private office or a cubicle with 60-inch-high walls or plexiglass can remove their mask.
    • During a presentation, individuals who are at a podium at least 12 feet from the audience can remove their mask when speaking.
    • In labs that require student-partners, masks and shields must be worn.

What happens if I am granted an exemption?

Given the active pandemic, individuals with an approved exemption wear still follow the mask policy, get a weekly PCR test, remain off campus during a disease outbreak and/or be expected to quarantine, and follow other public health policies. The University will not refund tuition, fees, housing costs or other expenses for students who must leave campus or quarantine.

Where can I get a vaccination?

Using the State of Connecticut vaccine portal, you can search for a free vaccine appointment near you. Appointments are readily available right now.

View the Connecticut Vaccine Portal to find a FREE vaccine provider near you (

Central also hopes to provide vaccination opportunities on campus. Information will be posted here when available.

Why should I get vaccinated?

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe. Of the hundreds of millions of vaccines administered, only a fraction yielded serious side effects; the risks of COVID-19 significantly outweigh the risk of side effects. Vaccines are effective. All three of the vaccines currently authorized for use in the United States are highly effective against COVID-19 infection – even against the new, more transmissible variants – and are nearly 100 percent effective against hospitalization and death. Vaccines keep you, your family, and our community safe. They are not only highly effective in preventing you from getting sick, they also prevent vaccinated people from transmitting the virus, keeping those around us safe. The science is clear: get vaccinated today.

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  • VAX FAQs

If I previously contracted COVID-19, do I still need to get a vaccination?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance is clear:

Yes, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again. Studies have shown that vaccination provides a strong boost in protection in people who have recovered from COVID-19. Learn more about why getting vaccinated is a safer way to build protection than getting infected.

When does this policy go into effect?

While the policy is effective immediately, COVID-19 vaccines will be required beginning in the fall 2021 semester.

What if I'm enrolled in a summer class?

Students currently enrolled in summer programs are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible, but with mitigation strategies in place for everyone this summer, they will not be dismissed from the program or class.


If your question is medical in nature, please contact Student Wellness Services: Health Services, at 860.832.1925 or via email at

If you have a logistics or other question, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at 860.832.1608 or via email at