COVID Testing Requirements - CCSU BLUEPRINT for a Successful Spring 2021


for a Successful Spring 2021


COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Every week throughout the spring semester, we will test 100 percent of resident-students, student-athletes, commuter students who take on-ground classes, student workers, and residence hall staff. Notifications with information about required tests will be emailed accordingly.

For the latest testing numbers, please consult our case dashboard.

If you test positive

Students and residence hall staff who test positive must self-isolate until 10 days after symptom onset (or from the test date if asymptomatic), be fever free for at least 72 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication), and show improvement of any other symptoms for 72 hours prior to arrival. This 10-day period may be extended for those who develop symptoms in accordance with CDC guidelines.

The University-related contacts of students and residence hall staff who test positive are identified and undergo a COVID-19 RT-PCR test. If an asymptomatic “contact” tests negative during their quarantine period, this person continues to observe quarantine and self-monitor for symptoms until authorized to vacate.

Contact tracing might result in the testing of all students and staff of a residence hall.

Resident-students who receive a positive result will be directed to isolate in Seth North Hall (CCSU’s isolation residence hall) for 10 days after symptom onset (or from the date of the test if asymptomatic). Time in isolation may be extended for students who become symptomatic, according to CDC guidelines.

Read more about quarantine and isolation on campus here.

If you develop symptoms

Students who identify as having symptoms associated with COVID-19 are required to call the CCSU COVID Hotline and identify symptoms on the daily CCSU Symptom Tracker Survey. This notification initiates contact tracing and the scheduling of a telehealth appointment with Student Health Services. Students may receive an order to self-quarantine and to undergo a COVID test during telehealth appointments.