In Case Of Shutdown - Blueprint For Spring 2021


for a Successful Spring 2021


Emergency Shutdown: A 96-hour plan

We are looking forward to a productive, uninterrupted semester. But the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic demands preparation and contingency planning. Based on what we’ve learned over the past several months, we have created an emergency shutdown plan for the University should a serious COVID-19 outbreak on campus or the State of Connecticut require it.

The emergency plan takes approximately 96 hours to fully complete. See appendices A - D in the Downloadable Resources section for additional details on how the plan unfolds.

If community spread is determined, here is what to expect next:

  • A closure alert will be sent to the campus community delivered over emergency alerts, digital signage, and electronic messaging (such as email, campus portal, the campus website, etc.).
  • Classes and all events will be canceled within two hours of notification. Faculty, staff, and students will be directed to collect their belongings.
  • Within 48 hours of the initial notification, approximately 85 percent of the campus community is expected to have left campus. Faculty and staff then begin final campus closure with monitoring of all interaction in/out of buildings and labs.
  • Only researchers, residence life employees, and essential (Level 1) employees will have access to campus. Meals for students in the process of leaving campus will be boxed and delivered by campus providers.
  • Within 72 hours, contracted movers will assist resident students with final pickup. Staff will help students who are unable to travel home find accommodations in a nearby hotel.
  • Students in the quarantine or isolation halls will remain for the duration of their required seclusion.