Health & Safety Protocols - Blueprint for Spring 2021


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Health & Safety Protocols

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COVID-19 is a unique virus spread person to person through respiratory droplets when infected individuals cough, sneeze, or talk. Contracting the virus is also possible by touching a virus-contaminated surface or object and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. With this in mind, CCSU will follow CDC guidelines and Governor Lamont’s executive orders as they pertain to best practices for limiting exposure and spread of the virus through the wearing of face masks and other PPE as appropriate, physical (social distancing), crowd limitations, and aggressive cleaning and sanitization practices.

All CCSU faculty, staff, students, visitors, and vendors are required to abide by the following:

Man wearing CCSU Blue Devil face mask

Face Mask Protocol

  • The wearing of face masks is required in all campus buildings (use is discretionary when alone in an office/room or when eating in a designated dining area).
  • Outdoors, the wearing of face masks is required when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Bandanas, scarves, or stretched shirts are not considered safe alternatives for face masks.
  • Masks must cover the nose and mouth and have tension that reasonably seals both the top and bottom of the mask.
  • Cloth and disposable face masks will be provided for those faculty, staff, or students who do not bring their own from home. During the fall semester, mask dispensing stations will be offered at five locations on campus: the former University smoking huts and a drive-up depot located at the top of Arute Parking Lot. Additionally, during first two weeks of the semester, supplies of masks will be in tents outside of academic buildings. CCSU has procured PPE to safely support the mask safety protocol during the summer and fall, but the campus community is strongly encouraged to purchase their own masks.
  • Individuals who have underlying medical conditions and have been advised by a medical professional to refrain from wearing a face mask or other PPE, shall not come to campus. Faculty and staff must contact HR immediately following said medical advice to obtain a workplace accommodation, if appropriate. Students, before coming to campus, must contact the Office of Student Disability Services for further instruction.

Social Distancing 6' floor sign

Social Distancing Protocol

The state guidelines for limiting the number of people who congregate inside or outdoors include:

  • Indoor private gatherings – 25 people
  • Outdoor private gatherings – 100 people (one-time exception for graduations at 150 people)
  • Outdoor organized gatherings – 15 feet of space blanket to blanket or cap of 500 people
  • Outdoor event venues – 25% of fire capacity and distancing

Hundreds of new physical and digital signs will remind the campus community to follow the six-foot, social distancing requirement.

  • Plexiglass will be installed in administrative offices and classrooms as an added layer of protection when social distancing could be compromised.
  • Physical barriers will be placed outside of service areas to guide social distancing leading up to service desks, windows, and counters.
  • Additional safety measures will include overhead and counter signage, directional signage, floor spacing decals, and a nearby supply of cleaning products.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

A logistics plan will manage the distribution of masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizer wipes. PPE for standard science laboratories will continue to be handled by their academic departments. Research or tasks that require specialized PPE will be outlined in PPE Hazard Assessments by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). N95 masks will be distributed under the CCSU Respiratory Protection Program and limited to staff in Health Services and the Police Department who may have the potential for direct contact with Covid19 positive cases. Additional PPE may include gloves, gowns, face shields, and goggles. For information about noncompliance protocols (see page 38).

For your safety please wash/sanitize your hands

Awareness Training & Education

The visual reminders of our standards will be reinforced through training and education. Working with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, the departments of Athletics and Residence Life have developed educational videos and informational materials to be shared with their students prior to their arrival on campus and throughout the semester. Additional videos and materials will be provided to the entire Central community highlighting what to do if exposed to the virus; how to protect yourself and others from exposure, and CCSU COVID-19 safety procedures, quarantine and isolation steps, and the decision process for an emergency shutdown. Much of this information is contained in the attached appendices A-F (pages 45-52) and will also be disseminated through a variety of communications channels outlined on page 40.