Athletics - Blueprint for Spring 2021


for a Successful Spring 2021



The Northeast Conference Council (NEC) of Presidents approved winter competition after postponing Fall 2020 competition. The men’s and women’s basketball teams are pilot winter sports under detailed safety protocols established with guidance from NCAA, NEC, and Centers for Disease Control. The protocols also govern practices and coordinated team activities. Prior to each contest, a representative of CCSU communicates these protocols to all visiting institutions. Should the NEC provide additional guidelines, those also will be employed.

A structured “return to play” plan allows our teams to practice in a controlled and monitored environment and manage the interaction between students and staff. Return to play/competition is taking place in phases that have been recommended and reviewed by CCSU’s team physicians. A working spreadsheet has been created for each team to assist individual student-athletes in the completion of the phases.

General health & safety protocols

Masks required: Student athletes, coaches, and staff are required to wear appropriate face masks when required when not actively training and physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained. 

TestingEvery week through March, we will test 100 percent of resident-students, student-athletes, commuter students who take on-ground classes, student workers, and residence hall staff. For the rest of the semester, 25 percent of this group will be randomly tested each week. Notifications with information about required tests will be emailed accordingly. Each team must undergo specific testing based on the severity of contact related to its sport. Tests are administered in both PCR and antigen format. Test results serve as a major determinate in a team’s or student-athlete’s participation in practice, competition, isolation, and/or quarantine.

Athletic Training Room rulesAccess to the Athletic Training Room is limited to assigned times only, which are set by Athletic Training staff. The number of individuals allowed in the room is determined by the University. 

In the Training Room, student athletes must always wear a mask; shower and change clothing before arrival; and notify the staff of any illness or symptoms prior to entering the facility. 

Athletic Training staff will prioritize which student athletes need to use the facility daily; disinfect tables after use; and use the required PPE as advised by the University and medical guidelines. 

Pre-competition screening: Before a team departs for an away game, COVID-19 testing is performed on all student-athletes and staff in accordance with NCAA and NEC guidelines.

If a visiting team does not travel with medical personnel, the visiting institution must designate a staff member to screen and report student-athletes’ and staff results.

On subsequent dates, any student-athlete or staff with COVID symptoms is not allowed to travel and is immediately referred for medical care and potential isolation.

A written form from both host and visiting institution detailing travel and host party clearance or failure is exchanged prior to facility usage.

Practice protocols

Masks, no whistlesCoaches and other staff present at practices are required to wear masks. Coaches will not use whistles during practice. 

Practice and training schedulingEach student athlete/group has a designated practice time. The arrival and departure time is scheduled so that groups will not meet each on the way in or way out of practice. 

Social distancing: Guidelines require 6 feet between each person and 12 feet between persons during workouts15 feet is advised for coaching staff. 

If multiple groups are on the field at the same time, quadrants will be established on the field to maintain adequate distancing. 

If multiple coaches are on the field they must stay with their assigned group.  

CleaningSurfaces and equipment are disinfected before and after each grouppractice session. 

Laundry drop-offnew policy for the return of clothing to the equipment room for proper washing requires the use of drop-off bins to avoid direct hand-off from students to staff. 

Labeled water bottlesStudent athletes must provide their own clearly labeled water bottles for use in the weight room and during practices and games. Water bottles cannot be shared with other student athletes. 

Showering and changingBefore and after practice or training, student athletes should shower and change at home or in their residence hall room.  

Reporting Protocol

Positive tests for COVID-19 must be reported to the COVID Student Contact Center at (860) 832-1910. (More information on contact tracing here.) 

Student athletes should contact their head coach, head athletic trainer, and the Office of Student Affairs in the event of a positive test result or COVID-19 symptoms. 

Coaches and staff should contact head coach/athletic director, head athletic trainer and HR in the event of a positive test result or COVID-19 symptoms.