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Meet the Core Faculty


Dr. Matt Ciscel, Ph.D. (CCSU), Linguistics/TESOL.
Specialties: Intersection of language and culture/Sociolinguistics. Languages (other than English): German, Romanian.

Dr. Leyla Zidani-Eroglu, Ph.D.
(CCSU), Linguistics/TESOL.
Specialties: Similarities and differences in the structure of languages/Syntax. Languages (other than English): Turkish, Arabic.

Dr. Rocio Fuentes, Ph.D.
(CCSU), Modern Languages.
Specialties: World Language Pedagogy. Languages (other than English): Spanish.

Dr. Elizabeth Brewer, Ph.D.
(CCSU), Composition and Rhetoric.
Specialties: First Year College writing courses and Disability Studies.

Dr. Shelly M. Jones, Ph.D.
(CCSU), Mathematical Sciences.
Specialty: Culturally Relevant Mathematics Pedagogy.

Dr. Angela Lopez-Velasquez, Ph.D.
(SCSU), Special Education and Reading.
Specialties: Literacy development in K-12 bilinguals with and without disabilities. Languages (other than English): Spanish.

Dr. Enrique Sepulveda, Ph.D.
(University of St. Joseph), School of Education.
Specialties: Creating communities of “belonging,” citizenship, and civic participation in immigrant youth. Languages (other than English): Spanish.

Dr. Hannah Dostal, Ph.D.
(University of Connecticut), Curriculum and Instruction.
Specialties: K-12 literacy instruction, literacy acquisition and development among Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Languages (other than English): ASL.

Dr. Marie Coppola, Ph.D.
(University of Connecticut), Psychological Sciences, Linguistics.
Specialties: Language and cognitive development in deaf children with with varying degrees of access to natural language input. Languages (other than English): ASL, Spanish.

Dr. Diane Lillo-Martin, Ph.D.
(University of Connecticut), Linguistics.
Specialties: Language development in signing children with and without cochlear implants. Languages (other than English): ASL.