Athletic Training Program



Pre-Admission to the Athletic Training Major
Students may apply to the athletic training major as part of their application for admission to the University. Formal application for admission to the Athletic Training Education Program occurs during the second semester of the student's sophomore year. The athletic training education program is a structured program in which the student must be making normal progress in the required prerequisite courses and pre-clinical experiences.

The Center for Advising and Career Exploration (CACE) provides academic advising services to all first-time full-time students during their first semester. All full-time, first-semester freshmen will meet with their CACE advisor to plan their second-semester schedule. Students who have declared athletic training as their academic major will be transitioned to ATEP at the start of their second semester and assigned an ATEP faculty advisor. FIND YOUR CACE ADVISOR

Pre-athletic training students should consult with their assigned faculty advisor from the academic program to insure that curriculum requirements are selected at the appropriate time and to monitor normal progress toward formal admission to the professional program.

Students who fail to pass prerequisite courses and/or fails to be accepted into the professional program during the second semester sophomore year will jeopardize their status within the clinical aspect of the program. Those students who are not admitted at the scheduled time (second semester sophomore year) should meet with the program director to discuss and plan their future within the Athletic Training Education Program. Students deferred or denied admission three times will be advised to select an alternate undergraduate program at CCSU. Students who receive academic advisement from individuals other than their assigned ATEP faculty advisors (after being transitioned from CACE) may also jeopardize their standing within the program.


Length and Structure of Program
The Athletic Training Education Program is a four-year academic program that leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training. The curriculum consists of 120 credits with 74 credits in the athletic training major. Of the 74 credits, 59 credits are lecture course and 15 credits are skill and practicum courses. The UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG provides the athletic training students with the course descriptions, prerequisites, as well as the admission and retentions policies.

The ATEP CURRICULUM PLANNED PROGRAM sheet clearly documents the four-year planned program for the athletic training student. The ACADEMIC MAP should be utilized by the student to monitor: “Checkpoints” - the ideal time to complete a particular requirement; “Warnings”- milestone soon approaching that if missed could delay graduation; and “Milestones” – a program or degree requirement must be completed by this specific time in order to graduate in 4 years and/or continue in the Athletic Training Education Program.

A degree evaluation is a report that shows a student's progress towards their degree. It shows requirements for the degree, pointing out which requirements have been met and which requirements still need to be met. This is not an official document until it is confirmed by CCSU’s degree auditor. Undergraduate students at CCSU can run their own DEGREE EVALUATION by following these directions. Students can also monitor their GPA by using the GPA CALCULATOR to ensure that both their major and university GPA remains 2.50 or better.

Undergraduate applicants seeking admission to the athletic training education program are required to submit a file of materials for review by the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance PE&HP). The applicant's completed file should be submitted prior to September 10 for fall candidates and February 10 (second semester sophomore year) for spring candidates. Applications for admission may be obtained in the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance, Kaiser Hall, Room 0180. An on-line APPLICATION TO THE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM is available on CCSU’s athletic training website.

Requirements For Admission
1. Completion of application to the professional program for Athletic Training.
2. Successful completion of 200 hours in the pre-clinical aspect which includes observations and pre-clinical rotations at CCSU.
3. Completion of 45 credits of which a minimum of 15 credits have been earned at CCSU.
4. Successful completion of 4 credits of Human Anatomy & Physiology I (C- or better grade
5. Successful completion of EXS 112 and EXS 217 at CCSU (C- or higher grade in both courses).
6. Successful completion of BMS 380: EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN and current State of Connecticut or National Registry EMT-B Certification (or higher).
7. University Grade Point average of 2.50
8. Departmental grade point average (GPA) of 2.50.
9. Two letters of recommendation: one from a CCSU Faculty Preceptor and the second from a department of PE&HP faculty member using the required forms.
10. The presentation of an essay demonstrating the command of the English language setting out the reasons for wanting to enroll in the program, and emphasizing experiences relative to Athletic Training. (500-750 words).
11. An interview with the Personnel Committee of the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance, including at least one core ATEP faculty member.

Retention Policy
Once admitted to the professional program, the following requirements must be maintained in order to remain in "Good Standing" within the Athletic Training Education Program the student must:
1. Maintain a University cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.50.
2. Maintain a Departmental grade point average (GPA) of 2.50.
3. Successfully demonstrate required clinical skill competencies.
4. Maintain current State of Connecticut or National Registry EMT-B Certification or higher.
If a candidate drops below the required GPA levels; and/or fails to complete the skill competencies; and/or fails to maintain EMT Certification, he or she may be denied enrollment to professional program courses, practicum courses and internship assignments until the GPA; and/ or competencies reach the appropriate level; and/or EMT certification is valid.
Please Note:
Revisions to the athletic training education program may occur in order to maintain compliance with national accreditation standards. Students should check with the program director and/or the CCSU athletic training education website regarding the possibility of new requirements

Transfer Students
Transfer students must meet the same course requirements and application procedures. Transfer students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits “in residence” at CCSU prior to applying to the professional program. The 15 credits for transfer students may be in General Education and/or within the Athletic Training Education Program and must include EXS 112 and EXS 217 at CCSU.
Currently, all requests for transfer into the Athletic Training Education Program either by students from other universities or by CCSU students looking to change majors are handled on a case-by-case basis. The number of students accepted in this manner depends on the number of openings available in that year. For acceptance into the Athletic Training Education Program, transfer students must complete the required (minimal) 200 clinical hours necessary for acceptance into the Athletic Training Education Program at Central Connecticut State University.