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Writing Placement Test

All CCSU students must satisfy the Freshman Writing requirement by taking ENG 110 Introduction to College Writing or ENG 105 Enhanced Introduction to College Writing, unless transferring in an equivalent course from another university or other relevant credit (for questions about course equivalencies, contact the English Department at (860) 832-2795).

Students with Writing SAT scores above 540 or English ACT scores above 22 are eligible to take ENG 110.

Students with Writing SAT scores below 400 or English ACT scores below 18 must take ENG 099 Remedial Writing before taking ENG 110.

Students with Writing SAT scores between 400-540 or English ACT scores between 18-22, or who do not have SAT or ACT scores, must take the Writing Placement Test to determine whether they must take ENG 099, ENG 105, or ENG 110.

Normally, students meeting these criteria will be identified upon confirming their intent to attend CCSU and will be sent information on how to take the test; if you believe that you need to take the test but have not received this information, contact the English Department at (860) 832-2795.

The Writing Placement test is a two-hour essay written in response to a prompt. It may be taken online, and once invited to take the test you may take it at any time; no appointment is necessary. Please allow 2.5 to 3 hours to read the instructions and complete the test and accompanying demographic questions.

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