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Mission Statement

The Academic Center for Student Athletes' mission is to foster an environment for students where they can learn to be responsible and productive citizens, ready to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Our staff supports our student athletes with balancing their academics and athletics through one on one meetings with advisors, group workshops, supervised study hall, and academic advising.

Through these interactions with advisors, student athletes are given the tools they need to reach their full potential and become thoughtful, responsible, and reliable leaders.


Services Available

CCSU LogoMath Tutors are available within the Academic Center.  

Additional tutoring in other subject areas are offered from various departments on campus

Tutoring information is available on the ACSA Tutor Board, and also on our Tutoring page. 

Study tips and useful links can be found on our Resources page.

Mid-term academic progress reports are filled out by professors for each student athlete.

Student athletes have priority registration.

Educational programs are offered, such as substance abuse awareness, and budgeting money after college.

Referrals to other campus services are provided, such as the Counseling and Student Development Center, School Advising Centers, and the Learning Center.


Meeting with Team Advisors

Students are required to meet with their assigned academic team advisor within the Academic Center on an individual basis at least once per week.

Meeting with team advisors will help student-athletes by providing opportunity to receive individualized academic advising and support. By reviewing their individual calendars and assignments with their team advisors, student-athletes are able to structure their time as they adapt to college life.

Students are required as freshmen to complete eight hours a week of study hall within the Academic Center, or in approved outside locations. One hour will be completed every week for team study. Team study is lead by a team advisor, and it is required for all freshmen and transfer students. It includes lessons in time management, and other social and life skills to ease the transition from high school to college.

Academic advising through the Academic Center for Student-Athletes is available, yet it is used as preliminary advising. Students are required to meet with their assigned faculty advisor through their academic major department if they have a declared major.
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Students may use Team Advisors as an additional resource throughout their careers as student-athletes to help them keep track of meeting degree requirements and maintaining academic excellence.


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