Academic Affairs

Academics at CCSU


Academic Affairs

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. David Dauwalder

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Glynis Fitzgerald

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Joseph Paige



Academic Schools


School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Glynis Fitzgerald, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies
The School of Graduate Studies is responsible for the development and administration of graduate degree policies, procedures, and programs, some of which include: admitting and enrolling all Full Time and Part Time students who wish to be matriculated, officially filing their planned programs of study, and collecting students' applications for graduation.  The Graduate Dean monitors graduate student progress and approves theses, special projects, and dissertations. Students apply for graduate assistantships in this office.

Institutional Research and Assessment

Yvonne Kirby, Director
The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) collects, analyzes, organizes and disseminates data and institutional information to support the University. OIRA is also responsible for campus-wide coordination of assessment activities and assist in the development of a culture of assessment directed at continuous improvement based on data-driven decisions and adjustments.

Center for International Education

Dr. Momar Ndiaye, Director
The George R. Muirhead Center for International Education at Central Connecticut State University is the State of Connecticut's Center for Excellence in International Education. The Center houses four regional studies centers: the Africana Studies Center, the Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies, the East Asian Studies Center, and the Endowed Chair in Polish and Polish-American Studies. The Center promotes diversity as a critical component of the development of our students, our community and our thinking. The CIE is the sole source of immigration counseling for CCSU's population of over 400 international students and scholars, and provides a framework for faculty and staff to participate in overseas educational programs, such as faculty and student exchanges or short-term courses abroad. The Center also houses an Intensive English Language Program, which offers full-time and part-time English Language, Business English and American Culture instruction to international students and faculty, foreign professionals, and members of the Connecticut community.

Library Services     

Dr. Carl Antonucci, Director
The library provides information services to the faculty, staff, and students at CCSU. The print collections now exceed over 650,000 volumes, ranging from children's books to advanced research texts. The library subscribes to 3,000 print journals and hundreds of electronic journals and other information databases. The electronic card catalog, CONSULS, is linked to the other three campuses of the Connecticut State University System, as well as the State Library, and provides our campus community with access to over one million volumes and a multiplicity of electronic resources.

Office of Transfer and Academic Articulations

Ms. Myrna Garcia-Bowen, Director
The office of Transfer and Academic Articulations will coordinate the relationships between the programs of CCSU and Community Colleges for the purpose of enhancing the academic programs between the two entities to develop opportunities for students who are transferring between schools. Attention will be given to regular transfer, K-12 linkages, and other academic outreach activities.

Office of Financial Aid

Mr. Richard Bishop, Director
CCSU's Financial Aid Office plays an integral role in achieving the University's mission and goals of recruiting and retaining a talented and diverse student population. The Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting and to counseling students and families in identifying the necessary financial resources required for study at CCSU. We will deliver federal Title IV programs, State of Connecticut programs, and University assistance to students who seek financial educational funding via these resources. In pursuing our mission we strive to: uphold the highest degree of professionalism, honesty, and integrity; serve our students in a timely, accurate, equitable, courteous and fiscally astute manner adhering to all federal, state and university regulations; and embrace emerging technologies.

Officee of Recruitment and Admissions

Mr. Larry Hall, Director
The staff of the Office of Recruitment and Admissions particularly welcomes your interest in Central Connecticut State University. We try very hard to be accessible to your questions and concerns. Prior to applying or at any time during the application process, we appreciate your contact by phone, letter, email, or personal visit. We also serve as an easy starting point to make contact with the rest of our fine campus community. We can put you in touch with department heads that delight in sharing with you the strength of our academic programs and student services.

Office of the Registrar

Mr. Patrick Tucker, Registrar
The Registrar's Office has responsibility for maintaining the official student academic records, undergraduate registration, add/drop, all student grades, and issuing transcripts. In addition, the Registrar's Office deals with change of students' status within the University (except for part-time graduate students who move to full-time status--which is handled in the Graduate Office), declaration of audit, pass/fail course status, appeals for lack of satisfactory progress for students with financial aid, appeals for student in-state residency, initial degree audit evaluations, graduation clearances, and issuance of diplomas.

Academic Center for Student Athletes

Mr. Kevin Oliva, Director
The Academic Center for Student Athletes' fosters an environment for students where they can learn to be responsible and productive citizens, ready to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Our staff supports our student-athletes with balancing their academics and athletics through one on one meetings with advisors, group workshops, supervised study hall, and academic advising.  Through these interactions with advisors, student-athletes are given the tools they need to reach their full potential and become thoughtful, responsible, and reliable leaders. 

Research Aligned Mentorship

Mr. Stephen Miske, RAM Program Coordinator
The First In The World / Research Aligned Mentorship (RAM) program is an extremely prestigious program funded by a major grant awarded to Farmingdale State College by the United States Department of Education. The name of the grant stems from the USA’s aim to regain its former position as a leader in producing students with baccalaureate degrees. In 1995 we were 1st, and as of 2014, we have fallen to 19th place. Farmingdale State College has partnered with CCSU and three other universities to participate in this grant with them. Regardless of major, the CCSU RAM Program provides extra benefits and rewards that will enhance learning and that will give RAM students opportunities not available to other students.