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How Do I...Learn About CentralPipeline?
CCSU's CentralPipeline offers you access online system such as WebCentral-Banner Web (for Registration, Grades, Billing, and more), Outlook Web email and calendar, Blackboard Vista, your M: / drive files and more.   CentralPipeline is a campus web portal page, providing features such as personal and campus announcements. To get things started, please select this link to CentralPipeline for Students --it's also linked from the Current Students link on the homepage and the top navigation bar on several other pages. To get started with registration, view the Registration Guide.

How Do I...Obtain a Computer Account User Name and Password so that I Can Use CentralPipeline and other online systems?
To activate your BlueNet account (your CCSU computer account), access the Accounts Management system at You will need your 8-digit CCSU ID number, last four digits of your SSN, and your date of birth.

How Do I...Locate My Eight- Digit Student ID Number?
Students can locate their eight-digit student ID number by looking at the red digits on their Blue Chip Card.  If students do not have a Blue Chip Card, they should stop by the Card Office, located in the back of the bookstore in the Student Center.

How Do I...Get Help with CentralPipeline if I Have Problems Navigating or Logging In?
Students should contact the Marcus White Computer Lab or IT Help Desk for assistance.

How Do I...Request Accessibility Assistance?
Student should contact the Office of Disability Services.

How Do I...Find an Academic Advisor?  If you have not yet declared a major, please begin with the Advising Center, Willard 100. Pre-Communication, Pre-Elementary Education and Pre-Graphic Deisgn majors without a subject-matter major should also see an advisor in the Advising Center. Pre-Social Work majors should go to the Social Work department.  Pre-Business majors should go to the School of Business to arrange for an advisor.  Once you have declared a major, the major department will assign a faculty member as your academic advisor. Contact the department chair for your advisor's name.

How Do I...Retrieve My Grades and Unofficial Transcripts Using CentralPipeline?
This information can be found on the Registrar's Web site.

How Do I...Register for Classes Using CentralPipeline?
registration guide is available on the Registrar's Web site.

How do I... Request Official Transcripts?
Official transcript request forms can be found here.

How Do I...Apply For Graduation?
An Application for Baccalaureate Degree is available on the Registrar's Web site.

How Do I...Discover Which Courses Are Offered and Still Open?
All of this information is available from our Course Offerings Web site.

How Do I...Find Catalogs, Academic Departments, and Course Descriptions?
All of this information can be found on our Academics Web page.

How do I . . . Learn about Study Abroad opportunities?
The first step to learning all about Study Abroad opportunities at CCSU is to attend an Info Session.  Students will find the complete schedule of Info Sessions, which occur frequently throughout the fall and spring semesters, posted on the Center for International Education website, on posters and flyers campus-wide, and by stopping by the Center in Barnard Hall, room 123.  Check our home page for complete information.

How do I . . . Get help with planning to Study Abroad?
Students will want to start their planning by attending an Info Session where they can learn about CCSU's many international education options and receive helpful hand-outs.  Students should also meet with an advisor to discuss their intentions; their major, minor, and general education options while abroad; their anticipated credit load, etc.  Central offers short-term Course Abroad programs led by CCSU faculty, as well as semester- and year-long programs of study at Partner Universities around the world.  There is a program that is right for you!  Check the University calendar for the application deadlines and review the details on the CIE web site.

How do I . . . Pay for Study Abroad?
In most cases, if you participate in a CCSU-approved Partner University program, you pay CCSU tuition and fees, and all financial assistance that you receive to attend CCSU will apply (e.g., scholarships, grants, financial aid).  If you register for a CCSU Course Abroad for the Winter or Summer Session, the charge will vary, but it will include your round trip airfare.  The cost of Courses Abroad that are part of a regular Spring Semester class will also include round trip airfare, but do not charge additional tuition. There are also many opportunities to apply for scholarships and financial support. Stop by the CIE for more information and also review our web site.

How do I . . . Meet International Students and students returning from studying abroad?
The best way to meet CCSU international students from around the world, as well as the many US students who have returned from studying in other countries, is to attend an International Relations Club meeting. The Club meets every Friday at 5:00 p.m. in the Student Center.  For more information, visit the Club's web site at:

How Do I...Learn My Way Around Campus?
campus map is available and includes a key to building abbreviations.

How Do I...Discover Which Residence Hall is Best for Me?
The ResLife Web site contains descriptions of all the residence halls so students can find one that suits their needs.

How Do I...Get Connected to the Campus Computer Network in My Residence Hall?
Students should contact ResNet for assistance with residence hall room connectivity.

How Do I...Find Out Information About Student Services?
Our student affairs Web page is the best starting point.

How Do I...Find Important Dates, Happenings Around Campus, and Final Exams Schedules?
This information can be found on our Calendar Web page or on Today@CCSU. You might also want to check out The Arts @ CCSU.

How Do I...Learn About Tuition for the Upcoming Semester?
The Bursar's Office is responsible for maintaining tuition information.

How Do I...Learn About Financial Aid?
The Financial Aid Web site is a valuable source of financial aid information.

How Do I...Apply for Scholarships?
Students can apply for scholarships between November 1 and February 1 on CCSU's Scholarship Web site.

How Do I...Contact a Faculty or Staff Member?
Our faculty directory will provide students with faculty members' office location, phone number, and e-mail address.

How Do I...Check My E-mail?
Students have the ability to check e-mail by logging into and then entering their BlueNet account usernames and passwords.

How Do I...Change my mailing address or my name?
Students have the ability to change their mailing address or their name by filling out a change of address or name form located on the Registrar's site.  

How Do I...Discover if Classes Are Cancelled or Delayed?
This information is available by calling the snow phone at 860-832-3333 or by checking here. Cancellation and delay notices are also accessible from the home page.

How Do I...Discover Where to Park?
Parking regulations can be found on the Police Department's Web site. View our campus map to see specific parking areas.

How Do I...Join a Student Club and Get Involved in Student Activities?
There are a variety of student clubs, many of which operate out of the Student Center.

How Do I...Buy Books?
Check out the Bookstore.

How Do I...Find Athletic Information?
The Web site has up-to-the-minute information concerning all Blue Devil teams.

How Do I...Find a Quiet Place to Study?
The Library is open late most weeknights during the semester.

How Do I...Find a Computer to Use and Answers to My Technical Questions?
The Marcus White Computer Lab offers both PCs and Macintosh computers to use, and the knowledgeable staff is available to assist students.

How Do I...Waive My Student Health Insurance?
Directions for waiving student sickness insurance can be found on the Health Service Web site.

How Do I...Discover Available Jobs?
The Career Services department maintains a list of available on-campus and off-campus jobs, available on College Central Network.   

How Do I...Do My Banking on Campus?                                                                          

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