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K-8 Math Institute

The Institute includes the Intel Math content course this summer, and several optional follow up workshops on teaching practices for the 2018 - 2019 school year.

Intel Math Course

2018 MSP Intel Math Classes
for Hamden, Vernon, and New Haven Teachers

The core of the program is the Intel Math Summer Course, co-taught by an Intel-trained mathematician and math education specialist. Intel Math is an intensive, 80-hour, content-based course that requires full participation including take home assignments. The course is designed for you as a learner to deepen your own understanding of the K-8 math content and connections between concepts. The curriculum starts at addition and builds a foundation of understanding based on the interconnectivity of the concepts. Each of our cohorts has shown gains in mathematics content understanding. Another huge benefit of the program for teachers is enhanced math confidence. By better understanding the math concepts and how they connect to each other, teachers feel better prepared to lead classroom conversations and answer student questions. 

“The Intel Math Program at PIMMS was an incredible learning experience. There was rigor, community, and an incredible amount of mathematics.” –Meriden Math Coach

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Intel Math Fact Sheet
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Background Research Articles - here

“There wasn’t a wasted minute and I really got to know my own mathematical understanding. The workload is reasonable and the homework never impacted my ‘home time’. I highly recommend any elementary teacher take this course. It was thorough in math concepts and it never felt like I would fail.” –Meriden Math Coach 

Math Follow Up Workshops

“Words can’t express how you have impacted me as a student and as a teacher.” –Teacher Participant

We also offer follow up workshops for the school year. Intel Math is all about the math content and has a proven track record of increasing teacher content knowledge. The follow up workshops are about implementation in the classroom.  Follow up workshops include topics such as Cuisenaire Rods and other Math Manipulatives, Math on the Move, and Visual Arts in the Math Classroom. We now also have a 3-workshop series book review of NCTM's Principles to Action.