Ed.D. Higher Education- Student Progress Points

Doctor of Education: Higher Education Strand


Student Progress Points

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.): Higher Education Strand tracks students by five progress points:

  • Course completion

  • Leadership portfolio

  • Proposal defense

  • Dissertation defense

  • Dissemination activities

Student capacity in the Program Learning Outcomes (see separate link) are assessed as part of the Leadership Portfolio assessment task, which students complete and defend at the conclusion of major coursework. The Portfolio serves as a 'qualifying' examination for the dissertation, and requires students to demonstrate learning achievement in both academic and applied leadership contexts.

Students prepare their Leadership Portfolio to load onto a flash drive. At least two artifacts (one from courses and one that demonstrates learning applied to leadership in a school or school district) and an analytic essay are required to document learning related to each of the eight doctoral Learning Outcomes. When the major advisor approves the portfolio, an oral presentation and defense is scheduled before a three-person committee consisting of the advisor, the program director, and an appropriately credentialed practitioner or a third member of the doctoral faculty.

While students work on their dissertations, they enroll in a dissemination seminar, EDL 720, during which they develop a plan to bring their dissertation research to the attention of both the academic and practitioner communities. After the dissertation defense, they execute the plan and submit a report that includes artifacts for documenting dissemination to scholarly and practice.