The Office of Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement seeks to connect faculty, staff, students and alumni with the surrounding New Britain community. To this end, our office seeks to promote higher level learning and understanding for CCSU students and faculty. Service Learning is a teaching pedagogy which combines course content with solving real world problems. We encourage all CCSU campus community members to find out how they can get involved today!

CCSU is intentionally engaged with the city of New Britain and the wider region. Community engagement is both a method to shape students within a civic-minded campus culture and a means to contribute the intellectual capital and skills of faculty, staff, students, and alumni to the identified needs of the larger community. CCSU is currently working towards increasing service learning opportunities for faculty members.


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compassionWe invite you join with us on our journey to make Central Connecticut State University a University of Compassion. The essence of compassion is the desire to alleviate the suffering of others and the wish to promote their well-being.