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Student Services 

Writing Associates are ready to work with undergraduate and graduate students on writing assignments for their classes, as well as on written materials for job applications (i.e. cover letters). Tutors can work with students on any stage of the writing process, including:

  1. Starting papers
  2. Choosing a topic and writing a thesis statement
  3. Focusing and organizing ideas
  4. Arranging material in a logical pattern
  5. Structuring sentences and writing paragraphs
  6. Revising and editing drafts
  7. Finding supporting data and preparing bibliographies
  8. Taking notes and using documentation procedures
  9. Citing sources and avoiding plagiarism

Writing Associates DO NOT write, edit, or proofread student writing; to do so would violate academic integrity standards. Tutors, however, will work with students to identify writing problems and help students correct their own work.

Writing Center staff members do not tutor students on homework assignments or on take-home tests and exams, unless we have written permission from the professor. The consent form to provide such permission is located under Faculty Services.