The Writing Center The Writing Center

Faculty Services 

Class Visits and Presentations 

We are happy to visit classes to present on the services available at the Writing Center. To set up an in-class presentation, please contact one of the Writing Center Coordinators, Heidi Eilenberger at or Emily Kane, or call the Writing Center at (860) 832-2765.

Student Referrals for Tutoring 

Faculty may refer a student to the Writing Center by filling out a referral form for the student to bring to the Writing Center. With the student's permission, the Writing Center will send a progress report to the instructor. The referral form can be accessed and printed here.

Consent Form for Midterm/Final Essay Exams 

Students may only work with a tutor on a take-home exam if the Writing Center is given written permission from the professor. The consent form can be accessed and printed here.