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Class Visits & Workshops

Class Visits
In 10-15 minutes, we will discuss our services, show students how to register on WCONLINE and make an appointment, emphasize the benefits of multiple writing center sessions, and take questions. If you would like to request a class visit, please contact one of our Writing Center Coordinators: Emily Kane (ekane@ccsu.edu) or Heidi Eilenberger (heidieilenberger@ccsu.edu). We are happy to visit campus organizations or groups as well.

We are happy to consult with you to offer your class or group a brief workshop (20-30 minutes) specific to your needs (e.g., APA, writing introductions to scientific articles, concision and coherence, etc.). We request at least two weeks of lead time to develop workshops in coordination with you. If you would like to request a workshop, please contact the Writing Center Director: Dr. Amanda Fields (afields@ccsu.edu).