Vietnam 50th Anniversary


Memories from the Vietnam 50th

July 11-12, 2015

Vietnam 50th Anniversary 


A former U.S. Army helicopter pilot shares his story about his time in Vietnam, and how he and his colleagues work to preserve the history of the War.


The Importance of Letters

One of the many exhibits on display at the Vietnam 50th event included a display called "Voices From Vietnam". This display included a sampling of letters written by service men and woman while in Vietnam. We asked that visitors write a letter to a Vietnam Veteran to be displayed in the Veterans oasis over the weekend. We have digitized the letters written over the weekend and provide them here for you to read. Both veterans and non-veterans will find these letters demonstrate a community filled with respect and pride in our Vietnam Veterans.

Letters to Vietnam Veterans



Vietnam 50th Photographs - July 11-12, 2015:

 Vietnam 50th PicturesVietnam 50th Vietnam 50th  Spooky Aircraft  A-10 out of Idaho  Veterans Conference  Keeping the event safeC-130  CVC Helmet  Spooky  Waiting for Huey ride   Spooky  On the tarmac  John Levitow  Merchandise  C-5 Galaxy  Viewing The Cockpit  C-5Inbound Huey  Huey  Next Flight  Maj Heiland and others getting a ride Toddler enjoying the shade.  Huey flight  Waiting on a Huey  Walking the Flight Line  A Proud Veteran  Huey flight returns  Ready for takeoff  An enjoyable day  C-5 Galaxy Ready for cargo  Left wing of the C-5  Talking with th pilot  View out from inside the C-130  Inside the C-130  Red Cross Volunteers  Donut Dollies and volunteers  Red Cross display and visitors  Guests on the tarmac  Guests and volunteers on the tarmac.  Aviators hydrating  Spooky up close and personal.  Huey pre-flight brief.  Spooky as seen from below.  Kjell Tollefson ready for flight.  Guest talking with Johnnie Walker, Huey Pilot.  Spooky from the front.  A-10 Warthog  Huey Pilots conversing  A-10   A-10 and its 30mm gun barrels  Speaking with Huey pilots  Outbound Huey  On the tarmac  Boarding for the next flight.  Aircraft icon  1st Cavalry Division Association  1st Cavalry Division Association of Connecticut Provided by Bob West  1st Cavalry Division Association, Connecticut chapter. Provided by Bob West  1st Cavalry Division Association, Connecticut chapter. Provided by Bob West   Don Eaton and Matt Reardon. Provided by Bob West



 Links to shared photo albums from the "Vietnam 50th" event:

Click her for Images provided by A1C Steven Tucker and the Public Affairs office at the 103rd Airlift wing in East Granby.