University Research & Creative Achievement Program



University Research and Creative Achievement Program
Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I have to take off the whole day in order to participate?
A. While we would like for you to attend as much of the day as possible, you are only required to be present during the scheduled time of your poster or oral presentation. Events are scheduled in 75 to 90 minute blocks throughout the day.

What should I wear to present at URCAD?
A. Generally, we recommend business-casual attire: slacks and a tie for men; dress pants or skirts for women.

Q. How will I know when I am scheduled to present?
A. About one week before the event, the faculty coordinator will email all participants a working draft of the program. It is very important that you respond at that time – if not before -- with any possible conflicts or changes in plans.

Q. May I invite parents, family members and /or a partner?
A. Absolutely! We are proud and honored to be able to showcase your work and we understand that your loved ones would be proud to share the day with you as well.

Q. How should I prepare for my presentation?
A. If you are presenting a poster, make sure to double check our poster guidelines and have responses ready for the questions you are most likely to hear. If you are giving an oral presentation, consider putting together a PowerPoint presentation or other visual aid, and write an outline or prepared remarks so you are able to stay within your 15 to 20 minute presentation limit. If you plan to read from a paper, that paper would be 6 to 8 pages long, double spaced, typed in Times New Roman 12 font.

Q. Should I tell my advisor, or will he/ she already know?
A. Your advisor will be included in all email correspondence leading up to the event, so he or she will receive the presentation schedule. But it helps when students reach out to advisors personally in order to highlight the presentation time as well as to extend an invitation to attend.

Q. Will this opportunity help my career in any way?
A. Participating in URCAD will absolutely help you as you apply for jobs or graduate programs in your field. Most employers and universities want to hire applicants who have participated in the ongoing conversations in their field and who are confident, polished public speakers.