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MINUTES - Friday, Febuary 21, 2003

Present:   F. Mendoza, J. Smith, M. White, S. Kluge, C. Carvalho, M. Roache, D. Anderson,
N. Hajid, C. Handzel, S. Rich, D. Orloske, S. Sweeney, R. Bachoo, J. Jost, N. Newman,
W. Garosshen, M. Makoski, C. Taggart 

Mr. Mendoza called the meeting to order at 1:09 p.m. in the 1849 Room of the Student Center.

Mr. Mendoza asked to change the agenda so that ratifications could take place before doing other business.  Seeing no objections he requested a motion to ratify the representatives from the Mosaic Center and IRC.

MOTION:  (Anderson/Carvalho) - To ratify representatives from both the Mosaic Center
and IRC to the Board for the remainder of the 2002-2003 academic year. 

Caitlin Corriveau – Mosaic Center Representative
Julia Baldini - IRC Representative

Motion Passed:  12-Yes   0-No   0-Abstain                                            SUBOG 03-04

Mr. Mendoza then went to the Program Council Report so that the proposal for constitutional changes could be considered early in the meeting to ensure the required 2/3 quorum.

Program Council Report

Mr. Smith then gave a summary of his written report on Program Council activities highlighting the events that occurred in the past month.  He then gave the floor to Ms. Carvalho to present the proposed changes to the SUBOG Constitution related to the structure of Program Council.  Ms. Carvalho indicated the committee had taken the comments from the last meeting and made needed corrections to ensure proper checks and balances in the proposed new structure.  She then went over each section and paragraph of the proposed changes.  She also indicated they prepared and were presenting a list of all of the changes in names and titles throughout the constitution that would be needed should the new structure be approved.  Ms. Carvalho stressed that the compelling reasons for proposing the changes were to provide the program board a more flexible structure so that it was more respondent to campus activity needs but at the same time maintain needed accountability to provide the campus a balanced and well rounded program calendar.  Mr. Hermelbracht, Assistance Director of SA/LD, added that the proposals were modeled after similar structures at other schools that have proven very successful in improving participation in the volunteer program boards.

MOTION:  (Carvalho/Roache) - To amend the constitution of the Student Union Board
of Governors under Article 9.0 – Programming Body, as proposed, as well as the related
changes in names and titles in all other sections of the constitution.

Motion Passed:  14-Yes   0-No   0-Abstain                                            SUBOG 03-05

Mr. Mendoza then indicated he had included in the packet a description of charge for each of the standing committees and asked the committees to meet for a few minutes to discuss their mission and goals for the remainder of the year as well as set new meeting times.  The committees then formed and met for approximately 15 minutes.  Mr. Mendoza then asked each committee chair to report.

Budget Committee

Ms. Anderson reported that the primary goal for the semester is to develop guidelines for expenditures from the new SUBOG account, now being funded from vending commissions in the building.  She indicated that their first meeting would be on March 7 at 1:00 p.m. where they will discuss the aforementioned guidelines.

Student Services Committee

Ms. Carvalho reported that the committee had set their meetings for February 6 and 21.  She indicated that at that meeting they would discuss projects for the remainder of the year.

House Committee

Ms. Garosshen reported that the committee’s next meeting would be on March 14 where they will discuss location of art in the building as well as needed labels for them and for rooms throughout the building.  She also indicated that a proposal for murals in various parts of the building would be reviewed.

Mosaic Center Committee

Ms. Corriveau reported that the Center had a brown bag open house event that was very successful.  Also, they plan to assist with programming related to the Diversity Week announced by President Judd at the beginning of the semester.

Student Center Renovation Update

Mr. Orloske gave an update on the Student Center mentioning art installation and final minor repairs that were done over the winter break.  He indicated that the loose ends were being wrapped up and hoped that unresolved issues would be addressed within the coming month.  

Ms. Sweeney indicated that on March 19 a meeting with student organizations would be hosted by SA/LD and the Student Center to discuss and make requests for facilities for the fall and spring semesters for the next academic year.  This would be a mandatory meeting and the hope was that student organizations would take advantage of this opportunity to plan for next year’s programs and meetings.

Announcement & Open Floor 

A concern was expressed that the exit doorway in Semesters going to the parking lot did not have a doormat.  Mr. Orloske indicated that though some people had been propping the door for others to come in, it was never intended as an entryway.  Hence, there was no airlock to assist in keeping out inclement weather.  He indicated that though it may be more convenient for some people to enter through this door, the building was designed to have only three public entries in order to maintain security and decrease maintenance problems that plagued the old building as it had so many entryways.

A discussion ensued regarding posting on hallway office windows as well as general posting spaces for clubs.  Mr. Orloske indicated that though the windows were part of the offices there were no policies currently in place that would allow clubs to post on them.  He questioned where such space was needed as the offices on the second floor had large posting spaces in the halls as well and many posting spaces on the first floor, many of which were not currently being used to advertise at this point.  Mr. Orloske also pointed out that posting on the windows overlooking the lobby in the old building was not permitted. 

This is the closest we currently have to a policy regarding these windows in our current building and it was based on this that he asked organizations to stop this practice.  He suggested that if clubs think such posting is needed, that they submit a request to the SUBOG House Committee to review the current policy. 

Mr. Mendoza said he would have the updated contacted list of SUBOG members at the next meeting.  The next meeting will be on Friday, March 21.

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary