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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, December 8, 2006, 1849 Meeting Room

Present:  A. Estrom (Chair), J. Hill, L. Yeomans, C. Bombria, C. Brine, C. Zohlman,
C. Whitmoyer, K. Barone, D. Lynch, S. Martinez, E. Tuttle, A.Taitague, D. Macchiaroli,
D. Orloske, O. Mamed, S. Sweeney, M. Toston, J. DiPlacido, G. Gigliotti, M. Garofalo

Guests:  S. Hazan, M. Kenney, Sharyn Lopez, V. Ginter, J. Rafferty, J. O’Meara

Mr. Estrom called the meeting to order at 2:07 p.m.  He welcomed all and asked that the previous meeting minutes be approved.

MOTION (G. Gigliotti/ C. Brine)                                                 SUBOG 2007-14

To approve the minutes of the October 27 meeting, as attached

Motion Passed:   Unanimous

CAN Report

Mr. Estrom then asked J. Hill to present the CAN Report.  See attached.

Mosaic Report

Mr. Estrom then asked S. Martinez to report on the Mosaic Center Committee activities.  The committee hosted an open house in October, and sent and requested holiday greetings from 170 different schools.  To date, they have received 130.  Past events included a Native American Day on 11/7 and a trip to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center on 11/12.  No written report was available.

House Committee

C. Zohlman reported that this committee met and talked about the following:

Devil’s Den Booths:  The committee asked if wainscot material could be installed along the booths to protect the wall and keep it from looking so battered all the time.  O. Mamed will work on getting this attended to during the summer of 07.

Floor Tiles:  They asked if there was a plan for repairing or replacing the floor tile in the building as it is coming up in several areas.  The first phase of a replacement is in progress.  Samples to be taken during the holiday break.  More as it is available.

Office Space:  There will be some discussions during the spring months as emergency and new positions are filled.  Temporarily, the UA for Media Organizations, the Yearbook, and both the SA/LD and Student Center Design staff will work out of this space.  O. Mamed indicated that it is being used by clubs for storage and that change is imminent.  He noted that an assessment showed the need for CSU to look at an expansion of the Student Center of approximately 40,000 square feet based on ACUI Benchmarking.

Signage:  This project will be taken up once the final disposition of the rooms, offices and new staff are completed.

Furniture:  Members of the House Committee indicated interest in looking to see if there we could purchase some ‘laptop chairs’ that they had seen on a visit to UCONN.

Student Services Committee Report

A. Taitague gave the report as chair for this area.  Two Commuter Coffee Programs were completed this past month, and two were planned for Dec 12 and 13 this month.  The committee has invited other departments to do outreach at these coffee programs, including Financial Aid, Mosaic, the Student Center and Student Activities.

MOTION (A. Taitague/D. Orloske)                                            SUBOG 2007-15

To support the Student Services Committee Commuter Coffee Program by allocating $600 from SBG900 for additional programs

Motion Passed:    Unanimous

SUBOG is doing promotional programs with give-a-way items through the spring semester, and requested financial support to do so.  There was discussion about types of items, and availability of budget to do so which C. Whitmoyer and K. Barone confirmed.

MOTION (A. Taitague/E. Tuttle)                                              SUBOG 2007-16

To allocate $1000 from SBG900 to purchase items to promote SUBOG at major campus events, including open houses, spring weekend, etc.

Motion Passed:    Unanimous

Constitution revisions proposed by the CAN and SA/LD for areas that impact CAN and Mosaic Committee were discussed.  There were strong concerns about the vitality of Mosaic becoming a committee of CAN rather than a standing committee of SUBOG, along with assurance of funding as a committee of CAN.   Suggestions were made to clear up funding language, and to keep Mosaic a separate committee from CAN.  Ideas were exchanged about how Mosaic might either gain identity or lose identity based on association with CAN.  Membership issues were raised due to a lack of staff association with Mosaic.  S. Sweeney indicated that SA/LD was very close to having an Assistant Director of Diversity and the Mosaic in 2002, but funding was pulled by the University.  Dr. Toston indicated that a request for funding of the position should become a part of the budget process during the next two months.  It was agreed that the changes should go back to committee and involve more staff and students before bringing the changes back to the SUBOG for review and consequent vote.

Budget Committee Report

K. Barone reported on the state of the SBG900 account.  There was $37,386.00 in the SBG900 account prior to today’s allocations.

O. Mamed announced that wreathes, a 2000 year old symbol of victory, the circle of life, eternity and purity, having blue and white bows, will be hung outside the main entrances of the Student Center through mid-January.  O. Mamed indicated that this was a Student Center tradition from before the renovation during 1999 – 2002, that we were just getting back to.

Old Business

Devils Den 10 PM group reported to SUBOG as required by the board in September.  (See attached report)  Discussion about staff support, student staff support, mixed message to students about studying vs late night activity, the message to faculty about Friday classes sent to Faculty by Student Affairs support of the program.  Suggestions were made to change to 9PM – Midnight.  Questions of impact on Police Reports, Belvedere politics, Judicial action volume were not answered.

MOTION (E. Tuttle/C. Whitmoyer)                                            SUBOG 2007-17 

To support DD10PM for another semester with report at the end of the spring, including payment for labor to the Student Center of additional labor costs. 

Motion Passed:    13  Yes      2  No       0  Abstention

New Business (none)


Brief NACA and ACUI Conference Reports were given which indicated that the sessions attended by students and staff were well received and new information will support projects in the future.   Searches for the Asst. Dir. Of Services and Asst. to Dir. Of Conf and Dining will be started during the next few weeks.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2006-2007