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MINUTES - Friday, December 6, 2002

Present:   M. Funkhouser, F. Mendoza, T. Stubbs, M. White, S. Kluge, D. Anderson,
D. Orloske, R. Schneeweiss

Ms. Funkhouser called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m. in the 1849 Room of the Student Center.

Ms. Funkhouser then went right to committee reports. 

Budget Committee

No report was given, as the committee had no new business since the last meeting.

Student Services

No report was given, as the committee had no new business since the last meeting.

House Committee

No report was given, as the committee had no new business since the last meeting.

Program Council

Mr. Mendoza gave the Program Council report since Mr. Smith was unable to attend.  He highlighted a number of events sponsored by various committees of the Council especially those co-sponsored with other organizations.  Winter Weekend is being planned and a timetable for planning Spring Weekend is in place. 

Mosaic Committee Report

Mr. Schneeweiss announced that an anticipated full-time position to manage the Mosaic Center has not occurred.  As a result, Student Activities/Leadership Development is working with the students on the Mosaic Committee to organize for the spring semester and get the Center up and running.  This will occur right after the first of the year.

Ms. Funkhouser then asked Mr. Orloske to update the Board on the Student Center Renovation Project.

Student Center Renovation Update

Mr. Orloske reported that the project is essentially complete, only problems with some failed areas of the vinyl floor being an outstanding issue.  He said that over the break most of the art collection should be installed and final touches on the audio-visual systems as well.  Feedback continues to be very positive. 

Election of New Board Chair

Ms. Funkhouser thanked the Board for all their hard work this past semester while she was Chair.   She then called for nominations for the position of Board Chair.

Ms. Kluge nominated Mr. Mendoza.  The nomination was then seconded by Mr. Schneeweiss.  She then asked if there were any further nominations.  Hearing none Ms. Funkhouser closed nominations.

Mr. Orloske then moved for a unanimous vote of acclamation of Mr. Mendoza as Board Chair.

MOTION:  (Orloske/Schneeweiss)                                   SUBOG 02-20           

That a single vote be cast on behalf of the entire Board in favor of Mr. Mendoza
as Board Chair to fill the post for the remainder of the 2002-2003 academic year.

Motion Passed:    By unanimous voice vote of the Board


Ms. Funkhouser then formally presented Mr. Mendoza with the Chairís gavel.  Mr. Mendoza then assumed his new role and chaired the meeting.

Mr. Stubbs then made a motion to acknowledge Ms. Funkhouserís tenure as Board Chair.

MOTION:  (Stubbs/Kluge)                                               SUBOG 02-21           

During her career here at CCSU, Michele Funkhouser has distinguished herself by her service to the campus through the Student Union.  As a volunteer on the Program Council, as a two time debater and moderator of the Cambridge Debates, as a Student Center Manager, as a member of the Student Union Board of Governors, and as Chair of this Board.  The Student Union Board of Governors wishes to recognize Ms. Funkhouser and thank her for all she has done for of campus community.

Motion Passed:    By unanimous voice vote of the Board



Mr. Stubbs reminded the Board he was stepping down as IRC President but hoped to continue to serve the Board in another capacity.

Mr. Mendoza wished the members a happy holiday season and hearing no more business from the floor adjourned the meeting at 1:42 p.m.    

Respectfully Submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary