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MINUTES - Friday, November 15, 2002

Attendance:  M. Funkhouser, J. Smith, F Mendoza, T. Stubbs, M. White, S. Kluge, D. Anderson,
D. Orloske, R. Schneeweiss, R. Bachoo, S. Pocevic, J. DiMaggio

Ms. Funkhouser called the meeting to order at 3:12 p.m. in the 1849 Room of the Student Center.  

Ms. Funkhouser asked for a motion to ratify the two SGA representatives to the Board

MOTION:   (Tibbs/DiMaggio) SUBOG 02-19

To ratify Lukasz Handzel and Nudrat Hajid as SGA representatives to the 
     Board for the 2002-2003 academic year.  

Motion Passed:             8-Yes            0-No            0-Abstain

Ms. Funkhouser then asked for committee reports.

Budget Committee 

The committee had not received any new business so did not meet.

Student Services

Mr. Mendoza highlighted the committee’s work.  He submitted a memo from Intern Tiffany Moffo who reported the “Party in the Parking Lot” program was very successful and was supported by 14 campus departments.  Their next program on November 19 is one to allow commuters to network. 

Mr. Mendoza also reported that the committee was actively supporting the development of the Mosaic Center and would continue to do so until new leadership takes office.

House Committee

Ms. Pocevic handed out a draft of updates for the posting policy in the Student Center.  She indicated that they were talking with Mr. Orloske and Mr. Mamed in the Student Center to get their input on past practices and needed updates to the policies.  She asked for any input from Board members so they can submit a final set of updates for review next week.  

The committee is working on writing up text for the signs that will explain the names of each room.  They will coordinate with Mr. Orloske and should have something together by the end of the semester so signs can be made and installed over the break.  

Mr. DiMaggio reported that the committee is working with Chartwells to see if the Devil’s Den hours can be expanded.  He said they met with Mr. Taylor, the Den Manager, and they are planning to set up a focus group with commuters and others to see what students want and need.

Mr. DiMaggio also reported the committee was working on identifying locations where student art could be displayed in the building on a rotating basis.  He also said the committee discussed the need to explore the possibility of a new mural depicting the campus community.  It was noticed that though the  

Bellin Murals are part of our history and great works of art they were done during a period when the student body was not very diverse along racial lines.  It was felt that some may feel they are not included it these murals.  The idea that a new mural, or a series of murals on a changing basis, might be done that reflected the diversity of the campus in the current day was proposed.  Dr. Bachoo indicated there is a committee on campus that reviews mural installations, and it would be a good idea to make sure they had a chance to consider any proposed mural.  Mr. Orloske indicated that actions taken by the Board are reviewed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and ultimately approved by the President.  In that approval process the appropriate people and in this case Dr. Bachoo and the committee he referred to would be consulted before any final approval by the President.  All agreed that the idea had merit and that it was important to keep open communications throughout the process.

Program Council Report

Mr. Smith reviewed the last few weeks from his written report on programs.  He highlighted Program Council’s attendance at the NACA Regional Conference where they learned a great deal.  He indicated some issues had arisen within the Council during the conference but are being addresses. He then went through his written report and highlighted some of the major program success as well as upcoming events being sponsored. 

Mr. Smith reported that the Arts Committee is being lead by the VP for Committees on an interim basis until a new chair is found. 


The next SUBOG meeting will be on December 6.  Ms. Funkhouser announced that at that meeting a new chair of the Board must be elected, as she will be graduating.  Other members indicated that they would be student teaching and would not be able to attend meetings.  Ms. Funkhouser asked them to talk with her to discuss what would be appropriate actions for them to take.  Mr. Stubbs also indicated he would be resigning from IRC and hence would not continue in his current Board post.  Mr. DiMaggio announced that as a result of his receiving a prestigious award he would be attending a special arts program in the spring and would also not be able to continue on the Board.

Ms. Funkhouser invited anyone interested in running for SUBOG Chair to talk with her or Mr. Orloske.

Meeting adjourned 1:42 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary, SUBOG