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Minutes for Friday, October 27, 2006, 1849 Meeting Room

Present:  A. Estrom (Chair), J. Hill, L. Yeomans, C. Bombria, C. Brine, C. Zohlman,
C. Whitmoyer, K. Barone, D. Lynch, I. Ceballos, E. Tuttle, A.Taitague, D. Macchiaroli,
O. Mamed, R. Bachoo, G. Gigliotti 

Guests:  S. Hazan, M. Arroyo

Mr. Estrom called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.  He welcomed all and asked that the previous meeting minutes be approved.

MOTION (G. Gigliotti/A. Taitague)                                             SUBOG 2007-08

To approve the minutes of the September 29 meeting, as attached.

Motion Passed:   Unanimous

Mr. Estrom then asked the board to approve and ratify two new members of the board that have been invited by him to the Special Campus Interests seats.

MOTION (G. Gigliotti/A. Taitague)                                             SUBOG 2007-09

To ratify Isabel Ceballos as the “New Student Representative” and Steve Schumacher as the “Club Representative” in Special Campus Interest seats.

Motion Passed:   Unanimous

Mr. Mamed reminded CAN that they have one At-Large member position vacant.

CAN Report

Jessica Hill, President of The Central Activities Network provided a written and oral report of the past month of activities, including programs and attendance for “Homecoming ‘06” Open Mic Comedy, Novelty, Music and Movie programs.  CAN also reviewed the upcoming schedule of events which included Monday Night Football with Breakers, Pumpkin Painting on 10/31 from 11AM – 3PM in Semesters, Movies, Comedy of Kyle Grooms 11/27 8PM alumni Hall, and Novelty Programs including Glass Etching in Semesters 11/17 11AM – 3 PM (see attached for more details).  Their office is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.  Stop by, get involved!

Mosaic Report

Scott Hazan, Assistant Director of Student Activities / Leadership Development provided an oral report of Mosaic Committee efforts.  They presented an Open House featuring a Polish cultural food presentation (40 ppl) and the Darfur Diaries (85 ppl) during the past month.  Upcoming events include a Native American Day on Nov 7 and a trip to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center on Nov 12.  Stop in and visit the Mosaic Center on the 2nd floor of the Student Center and learn about another culture! 

House Committee

C. Zohlman reported that this committee met and talked about how they could support the annual Door Decorating Program (budget request later) and posed a series of questions about the Student Center.  They were: 

Recycling:  They were glad to see that the University (Miller memo) talked of supporting a recycling program better.  They asked why white paper ends up in the same barrel as other trash.  O. Mamed stated that he would call that to Capital Cleaning attention once again.

Restroom Access: They asked if a power assist door could be added to the restrooms in the Main Street Lobby of the Student Center as wheel chair bound students seem to have difficulty with the door handles, the threshold and weight of the door.  O. Mamed indicated that the renovation recently completed was Federal ADA compliant, but would ask the question of Facilities Management.

Devils Den Booths: The committee asked if wainscoat material could be installed along the booths to protect the wall and keep it from looking so battered all the time.

Floor Tiles:  They asked if there was a plan for repairing or replacing the floor tile in the building as it is coming up in several areas.  No response was provided.

Wall Cracks:  Semesters, behind the stage was called to our attention.  O. Mamed to look into this.

Signage:  They asked if way-finding signage could be improved.  It was suggested as a House project.

Fire Extinguishers:  The committee suggested additional fire extinguishers in the building.  R. Bachoo indicated that students and staff should not concern themselves with fighting a fire, but helping get people out of the building, and letting professional fire fighters or police do the fire fighting.  Sensitivity of fire sensing equipment was questioned due to the 10 foot flames without the fire alarm going off during the Feb 06 concert where a fire broke out in a speaker cabinet.

Office Space:  The committee asked what will be happening to the “Club Shop” space and if it could be used until the Student Affairs Re-Organization was complete.  O. Mamed indicated that it is being used by clubs and the Design Office now and that change is imminent.  He noted that later in the meeting an assessment will show the need for CSU to look at an expansion of the Student Center of approximately 40,000 square feet based on ACUI Benchmarking.  He promised to look into the club office and office space in general with S. Sweeney. 

Mailroom:  Students indicated that the posted hours (M-F 9A-3P) of the “Egg” or Student Center Mailroom are ‘never’ met.  Students cannot pick up packages or ask questions because personnel are ‘never there’.  There was concern about help with combinations, package pickup, missing mail, and delayed delivery.  R. Bachoo will be looking into this.

Stairwell:  The committee asked if something could be done about the plywood in the East stairwell.  O. Mamed indicated that he would be willing to work with students to discuss what could be done there, including, art!

Student Services Committee Report

A. Taitague proposed a motion to support the program known as the “Commuter Coffee Hours”.  Students indicated to her and the committee that they were missed and would like to see the information and warm beverages come back as a program. 

MOTION (A. Taitague/C. Zohlman)                                           SUBOG 2007-10

To support the Student Services Committee bringing back the Commuter Coffee Program by allocating $300 from SBG900 for the first two programs.

Motion Passed:    Unanimous

A discussion ensued about surveys on campus, and it was suggested that the Student Center not conduct the Student Voice survey this spring.  This survey was going to address student outcomes, and student awareness of the Student Center and Campus Activities role in producing these outcomes.  R. Bachoo suggested that O. Mamed discuss this with M. Toston, and the SSI and NSSE surveys will create a survey burn-out if we conduct them all.

Student Services does want to support the SSI survey incentive program to help get the best turnout for the university.

MOTION (A. Taitague/E. Tuttle)                                              SUBOG 2007-11

To allocate $300.00 to the SSI Committee from SBG900 to purchase incentive gifts from SUBOG.

Motion Passed:    Unanimous

Student Services committee will also be working on housekeeping changes to the SUBOG Constitution this year and will have a draft ready before the end of this semester for the board to review, with voting on the changes taking place in the early spring.

Budget Committee Report

K. Barone reported on the state of the SBG900 account as well as the balances of CAN, MOSAIC, SLD accounts (see attached). 

S. Hazan made a request for funding on behalf of M. Arroyo for the Budget Committee to support the annual Silent Auction at the ACUI Region I Conference Nov 17 – 19 at UCONN.

MOTION (L. Yeomans/G. Gigliotti)                                            SUBOG 2007-12

To fund annual Silent Auction for $100 in CCSU branded materials from the SBG900 account as proposed (attached).

Motion Passed:    Unanimous

S. Hazan presented a request to support funding for the Door Decorating Program to take place in late November through early December, with the announcement of prize winners at the Devils Den 10 PM / CAN events on Dec 7th.  Money to be spent on a winners party on Dec. 11, and for supplies to support decorating.

MOTION (C. Whitmoyer/C. Brine)                                             SUBOG 2007-13 

To fund up to $400 from the SBG900 account per the attached proposal.

Motion Passed:   Unanimous

Old Business

O. Mamed shared the results of the College Union Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) Assessment which was conducted last spring.  Of note is the need for approximately 40,000 additional square feet, the addition of two professional staff in the union (operations), in general over-burdened human resources, evening event coverage needs, financial resource needs and the need for a more available legal resource. (Attached)

O. Mamed shared the reports from the Educational Benchmarking Inc. survey done last spring.  It includes demographics, support for program time, a comparison of our services to other groups of institutions. (Attached.)

New Business (none)


G. Gigliotti asked students to attend the Devils Den 10 PM program coming up on Nov 2 to support the students who will be performing and him as the host with the most at the Talent Show. 

C. Whitmoyer announced that the Inter-Residence Council was going to a conference in Oneonta, NY to receive and aware for “Program of the Year” for their “Deans Cup Event”.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2006-2007