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MINUTES - Friday, October 12, 2001

Present:  T. Banks (Chair), P. Davis, M. Foglia, M. Funkhouser, F. Mendoza, T. Stubbs, M. Wernick,
R. Schneeweiss, W. Mamed

Guests:  B. Bruntil, A. Gaddis, S. Pocevic, P. Roberts, M. Rosa, A. Sheridan, K. Wilson

Chairperson Banks called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

Tara Banks welcomed the group assembled and requested that we go around the table and introduce ourselves and our current or intended positions and representation on the Board.

MOTION:  (M. Foglia/R. Schneeweiss) To ratify new members for the Student Union Board of Governors as follows:

B. Bruntil, Building Manager Representative
A. Gaddis, SGA President and Representative
S. Pocevic, Operations Manager Representative
M. Rosa, Mosaic Committee Representative
P. Roberts, Graduate Student Representative
A. Sheridan, Member-at-Large
K. Wilson, SGA Representative

Motion Passed (8 Yes, O No, 0 Abstained) SUBOG 01-08                                   

The Chair then provided a brief orientation and review of the function of SUBOG.  Portions of the Constitution were highlighted and the full-length version of the Constitution was included in the packets provided at the meeting.

Tara Banks then appointed the standing committee chairs and assigned membership to those committees.  They are as follows:
Student Services:  M. Foglia (Chair), M. Funkhouser, A. Gaddis, F. Mendoza, M. Rosa, M. Wernick, K. Wilson, R. Schneeweiss
Budget: T. Stubbs (Chair), P. Roberts, A. Sheridan, O. Mamed  
House: P. Davis (Chair), S. Pocevic, B. Bruntil, O. Mamed  

The committees met in groups to determine what projects and goals they felt were appropriate and necessary for this academic year and reported back to the group as follows:  

House Committee:
Complete and finalize the posting policy started last year, determine and publish criteria for club office space for the next academic year, and make recommendations for appropriate program use of rooms in the new Student Center.  

Student Services :
Work to enhance Commuter Services provided with the Student Center Department and work on commuter issues, support the Student Activities/Leadership Development Department in general, and to find ways to enhance and support a larger role of the Mosaic Center in the new building.  

Budget :
Be responsible for the PC and Mosaic budgets, make sure the budgets are used to the benefit of students, and to encourage a zero budget at the close of the fiscal year for all committees and departments.

House Committee Report

The House Committee received a request from the SGA to do a Haunted House program on Tuesday, October 30, 2001.  P. Davis reviewed the discussion from the House Committee meeting held immediately prior to SUBOG.

MOTION:  (T. Stubbs/F. Mendoza) To approve the use and hours to support the SGA Haunted House program provided that fire safety issues were met, decorations were removed fully, damages would be the responsibility of SGA, and that SGA event reps met with Student Center Director or designee late in the week prior to the event to review the plans. 

Motion Passed (15 Yes, O No, 0 Abstained) SUBOG 01-09

Program Council Report

M. Foglia highlighted the PC report indicating that First Week activities and Homecoming events were successful.  Cinema Central is showing films at no charge this year.  R. Schneeweiss commended the professional manner with which the report was written and delivered (see attached).

MOTION:  (M. Foglia/A. Gaddis) To ratify F. Mendoza in his additional and new role as Program Council Secretary.  

Motion passed (15 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained) SUBOG 01-10

Student Center Report

W. Mamed indicated that the date for substantial completion of the Student Center slipped to March 28, 2002, over the summer.  Expected move-in date should be around late May or June of 2002.  He indicated the he or Duane Orloske would be happy to support tours of the building should students on the Board call and make a request.  Each tour would take about an hour.

The SUBOG meeting schedule was reviewed and a schedule handed out.  The dates are as follows with the location being Seth North Multi-Purpose Room and the time being 1:00 p.m.

Friday, November 2, 2001
Friday, December 14, 2001
Friday, February 8, 2002

Friday, March 8, 2002
Friday, April 12, 2002
Friday, May 3, 2002

The floor was opened for new business.  The ACUI conference delegation was noted and the purpose of the conference reviewed.   Marnie Wernick and Amibeth Sheridan indicated interest in attending.

A contact list was passed for all to sign and leave e-mail and phone numbers.  The final list is as follows:

Name:                                E-mail:                      
Missy Foglia                      Missyelf@yahoo.com           
Avery Gaddis                    Averyone23@aol.com          
Fernando Mendoza           MFern09@yahoo.com      
Marie Rosa                       Aphreal915@aol.com       
Paul Roberts                      RobertsP@ccsu.edu       
Kishawne Wilson               Kmega2000@hotmail.com   
Michelle Funkhouser         Wanda79@collegeclub.com
Bennett Bruntil                   BennettB@ureach.com                    
Timmie Stubbs                  Stubbstarhymes@yahoo.com
Peter R. Davis                   Davis_PeR@students.ccsu.edu
Marni Wernick                  tigger721_2001@yahoo.com
Amibeth Seridan                Sheridan_Am@students.ccsu.edu
Bob Schneeweiss              Schneeweiss@ccsu.edu 
Shannon Pocevic               Pocevic_ShP@students.ccsu.edu
Duane Orloske                  Orloske@ccsu.edu 
Otis Mamed                     

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

W. Otis Mamed for Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary, SUBOG
2001 - 2002