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MINUTES - Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Attendance: L. Calabrese (Chair), D. Geraci, A. Cortes, E. Carte, S. Collier, M. Foglia, C. Cotto, S. Rich, D. Orloske, R. Schneeweiss, P. Rosa, J. Zytka, L. Van Stone, A. Jorge

Guest: K. Poirier, E. Cabellon

Ms. Calabrese called the meeting to order at 5:13 p.m. in the North Room of the Student Center.

Being the first meeting of the year, Ms. Calabrese introduced herself and asked each member to introduce themselves to the Board.

Ms. Calabrese then gave a brief introduction of the Board's structure and mission. She explained the committee structure and emphasized that the Board was not a legislative body but rather an advisory body to the President and the Directors of the Departments of Student Center Operations & Event Services and Student Activities/Leadership Development.

Ms Calabrese then asked for a motion to ratify all of the new members that have been nominated by their respective organizations.

    MOTION: (Geraci/Rich) To ratify the following individuals for membership on the Student
    Union Board of Governors for the 1999-2000 academic year.

    Name Seat Sara Collier Program Council At-large, Missy Foglia Program Council At-large,
    Victor Hayes IRC Representative, Maxine Tulloch-Henry Graduate Student Organization
    Representative, Mario Flores Student Government Association Representative, Cindy Cotto
    Student Government Association Representative, Christopher Chenette SCOES Operation
    Assistant, Jason Zytka SCOES Operation Assistant, Lindsay Van Stone SCOES Operation
    Assistant, Aida Jorge Commuter Student Association

    Motion Passed (7-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained) SUBOG 99-12

Ms. Calabrese then read a request from Ms. Zukowski, Administrative Assistant in SCOES, to make needed title updates to the Board Constitution resulting from the promotion of Dean Ross. Vice President Rosa indicated a slight correction in the title that was made. Ms. Calabrese said this proposal would be voted on at the next meeting as prescribe by the Constitution.

Mr. Orloske then gave an update on the Student Center Addition/Renovation Project. He reported that the bids came in about 1.1 million dollars over budget but the University adjusted some other priorities to fully fund this important project. The move out is right on schedule with the building being fully vacant by the end of the first week of December. The contractor should have the building by December 15 in order begin the demolition phase.

The only problem Mr. Orloske reported was the difficult time they were having getting the information out to students regarding the location of services set up around campus. It appears most did not read the mailer sent to all students this summer. He reported additional efforts would be made so students, especially commuting students, can find the services they need.

Ms. Calabrese then indicated she had assigned each member to one of the three committees of the Board and asked if anyone would like to shift to another committee to see her after the meeting. She then asked each committee to meet for 20 minutes to develop a list of goals for the coming year and to choose a committee chair. After this meeting each committee reported their goals and chosen chairs.

House Committee Chair - Sara Collier Goals: 1. To complete the naming of the rooms of the new Student Center by the November meeting. 2. To develop and implement by the December meeting a process to assign office space in Seth North Hall and the new Student Center based on a set of criteria on which applications would be assessed. 3. To begin work, in the spring of 2000, on revisions to the posting policies needed for our new Student Center.

Budget Committee Chair - Lindsay Van Stone Goals: 1. To review current student fees to determine if any increases are warranted.

Student Services Committee Chair - Aida Jorge Goals: 1. To establish the Mosaic Committee as a programming body with a structure and constitution similar to Program Council. 2. Continue commuter coffees and outreach programs.

Ms. Geraci then gave the Program Council Report emphasizing the success of their recruiting efforts with 23 active members. They have had over 12 programs since the beginning of the semesters and are placing a major focus on promotion of events as many programs are now being presented in new locations. Ms. Geraci also reported that significant time is being given to training of the new Executive Board with workshops on Robert Rules of Order, meetings and organizations skills.

Ms. Calabrese then asked if any members who were interested in attending the Regional Conference for the Association of College Unions International to see her as soon as possible. The conference is being held at Castleton State College in Vermont the weekend of October 23rd.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske Executive Secretary