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MINUTES - Friday, May 7, 2004

Present:   K. Crowe, F. Mendoza, N. Newman, D. Orloske, C. Peppes, M. Roache, R. Schneeweiss, T. Stubbs, C. Taggart (Chair), A. Taitague

Guest:  Shannon Chronister

Ms. Taggart, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.   

Ms. Peppes was called upon to give the House Committee report.  She asked Ms. Chronister, who is a graduate intern in Student Center Operations, to speak on the Comment Card project that she is developing.  She briefly outlined a plan that would handle five (5) or six (6) questions at any given time.  The project will be handled by the Student Center Reception Desk.  Work on this project will take place over the summer.

Mr. Orloske then reported that the mural project proposed last month will not be taking place.  The wall facing the 7 Centuries Courtyard is “technically” unfit for a mural.

There were no reports submitted by either the Budget Committee or the Student Services Committee.

Ms. Crowe was then called upon to give the Mosaic Center Committee report.  She outlined the highlights of the month, which included the “Sauce Boss” at the one World Feast; T.J. Leyden, who spoke on “Turning Away from Hate;” as well as the start of the “Mark Your Legacy” project and the formatting of the “In My Shoes: Reflections from the CCSU Community” publication for the fall.

The Mosaic Center Committee will present the Cambridge Union Society Debate in 2005 acquiring this program from the Central Activities Network, who has presented it for 17 years.

      MOTION (T. Stubbs/N. Newman)                                                       SUBOG 2004-6 

To ratify the election of Krystal Crowe and Bethany Liddell as the 2004-2005 Mosaic Center Committee Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively.

      Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

Ms. Crowe then presented the Mosaic Center Committee budget. (Attached)

      MOTION (T. Stubbs/F. Mendoza)                                                        SUBOG 2004-7 

To accept the Mosaic Center Committee budget for $29,300 as requested.

      Motion Passed:    10-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained

Mr. Mendoza, president of Central Activities Network 2003-2004, gave the April/May C.A.N. report.  He highlighted the successful Spring Week 2004.  Of particular note were the American Idol Central Style program, Flamingo Parade, the Evasons (mind readers), and the comedy concert with Tracey Morgan and Horatio Sanz (attendance 1,300). 

Mr. Mendoza praised with great enthusiasm the accomplishments and those who were involved with it this year.  He also reflected on the staff support and the vacant assistant director position.  Another accomplishment in April was the selection of the C.A.N. Executive Board for 2004-2005.

      MOTION (F. Mendoza/T. Stubbs)                                                        SUBOG 2004-8 

To ratify the following individuals as officers of the Central Activities Network for 2004-2005:

                  Renee Timpany – President
                  Karen Dombrowski – Vice President of Administration and Finance
                  Amanda Taitague – Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment
                  Danny Reyes – Community Central Coordinator
                  Lauren Pouliot – Club Central Coordinator
                  Ted Ancher – Central Perk Coordinator
                  Tiffany Slade – Cinema Central Coordinator
                  Kelly Carpino – Network Central Coordinator
                  Travis Duda – Central Mainstage Coordinator

      Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       1-Abstained

Mr. Stubbs, the C.A.N. Vice President for Administration and Finance, then presented the 2004-2005 C.A.N. budget.  He outlined any significant changes from the 2004 budget, which included the British Debates moving to the Mosaic Center and a reduced projected income for the Mainstage concert program (2004 anticipated a contribution from the Inter Residence Council, which did not happen; so, the 2005 budget will not include such an anticipated income stream).  Mr. Stubbs also outlined the process by which the budget was developed.  Each committee developed and justified their request.  He also thanks Mr. Schneeweiss for his help.  The request is for $144,000 and will support the ongoing programs presented by C.A.N.

      MOTION (T. Stubbs/M. Roache)                                                         SUBOG 2004-9 

To accept the Central Activities Network budget for the $144,000 and the supporting plan:

      Description                               Account Number                       Amount

      C.A.N. Executive                            CAN903                        $ 35,238.50

      Network Central                             CAN904                             6,856.50

      Central Perk                                   CAN905                           10,450.00

      Community Central                          CAN906                             5,620.00

      Cinema Central                               CAN907                           21,500.00

      Central Mainstage                           CAN908                           53,275.00

      Club Central                                    CAN909                           11,060.00     

      Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       1-Abstained

Mr. Schneeweiss then presented the Leadership Development budgets that are supported by the Activities fee. (These budgets are attached).

      MOTION (F. Mendoza/K. Crowe)                                                       SUBOG 2004-10 

To accept the following budgets as presented: 

      Description                               Account Number                       Amount

      Leadership Weekends                     SLD903                          $  9,000.00

      Leadership Recognition                    SLD904                              3,700.00

      Leadership Training                         SLD905                              4,000.00

      Leadership Publications                   SLD906                              2,000.00

      and to allocate $18,700 from the Activities fee.

      Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       1-Abstained

Mr. Schneeweiss then presented the Summer Program budget for FY2005.  This budget will cover events presented in July 2004 and June 2005.

      MOTION (F. Mendoza/C. Peppes)                                                      SUBOG 2004-11 

To allocate $4,000 for the Summer Program 2005 from Leadership Development Reserve Account SLD901.

      Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       1-Abstained

Ms. Taggart then requested the formation of an ad hoc committee to develop a revised structure to Board membership.  This committee will consist of C. Taggart, T. Stubbs, D. Orloske, K. Crowe, N. Newman, M. Roache, and A. Taitague.  This committee is to meet over the summer and report to the Board their recommendations at the September meeting.

Announcements followed.  They included the final C.A.N. events of the year and the SUBOG Recognition program. 

Ms. Taggart then handed the gavel to Mr. Mendoza, who leaves the Board as Chair ProTem.  Mr. Mendoza reviewed the constitution in reference to “Election of the SUBOG Chair, Section 5.2.”

Ms. Taggart’s name was placed in nomination by Mr. Stubbs and seconded by Ms. Crowe.  Mr. Orloske asked that Ms. Taggart be elected by acclamation. 

Ms. Taggart was elected.

Mr. Mendoza asked for a motion.  Ms. Crowe offered the following:

      MOTION (K. Crowe/A. Taitague)                                                       SUBOG 2004-12

The Student Union Board of Governors wishes to thank and praise Carolyn Taggart for her service and dedication to the Board and the Student Union ideal of service and community.  She has served the Board in many capacities over the past few years.  We recognize her for her leadership as the 2003-2004 Board Chair.  We are pleased that Ms. Taggart’s association with the Board and the Student Center will continue.

      Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:58 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG 2003-2004