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MINUTES - Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Present: T. Banks, B. Chong, S. Collier (Chair), P. Davis, M. Foglia, A. Jorge, F. Mendoza, D. Orloske, S. Rich, P. Rosa,
D. Ross, R. Schneeweiss, T. Stubbs

Guests:  J. Hermelbracht  

Chairperson Collier called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Tara Banks, president of program Council (PC), gave the PC report.  Ms. Banks outlined the highlights of Spring Week, which includes a concert with the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Mudstock (mud volleyball), and a Luau.  She also noted that the film, “Driver,” was screened.  It was a free preview and 500-plus people were in attendance.  The promotional agent has indicated Central might receive an increase in sneak previews next year.  The Sidetracks Committee is planning on distribution racks for next year.

            MOTION (T. Banks/D. Ross) To ratify the Program Council Executive Board for 2001-2002.


            Melissa Foglia, President                      Marni Wernick, Cinema Central

            Tara Banks, Vice President                  Cindy Carvalho, Climax

            Jason Smith, Treasurer                         Michelle Funkhouser, Community Adventures

            Abigail Duchatelier, Arts & Culture       Tammy Hrubala, Spotlite

            Motion passed (11 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained)             (SUBOG 2001-1)


            MOTION (T. Banks/T. Stubbs) To transfer $15,000 from PC Reserve (Account #PGC901) to PC Climax Committee (Account #PGC908) for concert and to transfer $10,000 from SA/LD Reserve (Account #SLD901) to Summer Program (Account #PGC910) for use through June 2002.  

            Motion passed (11 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained)             (SUBOG 2001-2)

Mr. Chong, Budget Committee Chair, introduced the Program Council and the Student Activities/Leadership Development & Mosaic Center Committee budgets.  He then called on Ms. Banks to outline the PC budget.  Ms. Banks highlighted how the $144,000 request would be used.  Particularly, features of the 2002 budget include the film program being admission free and a “Program Pot” that the PC Executive Board would hold for program distribution.


            MOTION (D. Ross/T. Stubbs) To ratify the 2001-2002 Program Council budget for 2000-2001.


            PC Committee Account Number Amount

            Arts & Culture PGC905 $  9,000.00

            Cinema Central PGC907 20,915.00

            Climax PGC908 46,758.00

            Community Adventures PGC906 8,039.00

            Executive PGC903 38,305.00

            Sidetracks PGC904 7,383.00

            Spotlite PGC909 13,600.00

            Motion passed (11 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained)             (SUBOG 2001-3)

Mr. Schneeweiss and Mr. Mendoza then presented the Student Activities/Leadership Development (SA/LD) and Mosaic Center Committee budgets.  They outlined how the $48,000 request for 2001-2002 would be utilized.  

            MOTION (D. Orloske/T. Stubbs) To accept the $48,000 SA/LD and Mosaic Center Committee 2001-2002 budget for the accounts:  

                        Leadership Weekends                          SLD903          $6,500
                        Leadership Recognition                        SLD904            3,300
                        Leadership Training Program                SLD905            5,000
                        Leadership Development Publications    SLD906           3,900
                        Mosaic Center Committee                    SLD907          29,300  

            Motion passed (11 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained)             (SUBOG 2001-4)

Mr. Davis then was called upon to give the House Committee report.  There were eight applications for office space in the Student Center for 2001-2002.  All applications were reviewed and approved.  The House Committee has asked that SA/LD make the actual space assignments.

            MOTION (P. Davis/F. Mendoza) To allocate shared office space in the Student Center for 2001-2002 to:

            Archaeology Club                    Helix

            Best Buddies                           PRIDE
Black Student Union                Revival

            Graduate Student Association   United Caribbean Club

            Motion passed (10 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstained)             (SUBOG 2001-5)

Ms. Collier then passed the gavel to Ms. Banks (Chair pro tem) and introduced the following motion.  

            MOTION (S. Collier/A. Jorge)   

            For over thirty years, David Ross has served the Student Center, Student Activities/Leadership Development, and the Student Union Board of Governors in many capacities.  First he served as a Graduate Intern, and later as Program Advisor, Assistant Director of the Student Center, Director of the Student Center, Executive Secretary of the Student Union Board of Governors, and Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

The Student Union Board of Governors wishes to sincerely thank David Ross for his many contributions to it.  Central Connecticut State University is a better place, for all that David Ross has done.

The Student Union Board of Governors wishes to congratulate David Ross upon the occasion of his retirement.

The Student Union Board of Governors wishes David Ross many years of happiness and good health in the future.

The Student Union Board of Governors is confident that the years ahead will be filled with many productive opportunities and that David Ross will bring his great talent to those opportunities.

The Student Union Board of Governors says a sincere, “Thank you.”

            Motion Passed By Acclamation             (SUBOG 2001-6)  

The gavel was then returned to Ms. Collier.  The agenda moved to the election of the 2001-2002 chair.  Ms. Banks and Mr. Davis were nominated and each spoke to their candidacy.  A paper ballot was then distributed.  Ms. Banks was elected.  

Ms. Collier then passed the gavel to Ms. Banks.  As her first order of business, she recognized Mr. Davis.  He introduced the following motion.

            MOTION (P. Davis/D. Orloske) The Student Union Board of Governors wishes to thank Sarah Collier for her services to it, as a Program Council coordinator, Board member, House Committee member, and as its 2000-2001 chair.

            Motion Passed By Acclamation             (SUBOG 2001-7)


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG