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MINUTES - Friday, April 25, 2003

Attendance:    F. Mendoza, J. Smith, S. Kluge, C. Carvalho, M. Roache, D. Anderson, L. Handzel, D. Orloske,
S. Sweeney, J. Baldini, N. Newman, W. Garosshen, M. Makoski, C. Taggart, C. Corriveau

Mr. Mendoza called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. in the Clock Tower Room of the Student Center

Mr. Mendoza welcomed members to the last meeting of the year.  He then asked for committee reports.

Both the Student Services and House Committees indicated that they had not had any new business and hence no report to the Board this month.

Budget Committee

Ms. Anderson said they had two requests from Program Council.  One was for a reallocation and the other was for the budget for the 2003-2004 school year.

MOTION:  (Anderson/Carvalho)                                                                SUBOG 03-09

To reallocate $10,000 from Program Council Reserves to the account for the Spring Weekend Program

Motion Passed:    14-Yes     0-No     0-Abstain


Mr. Smith, President of Program Council, then presented the proposed budget for CAN for the 2003-2004 school year.  He summarized the overall intended programming for each program area.  He stressed that they were budgeting for many production costs that the Student Center might require reimbursements for, even though they currently provide CAN these services at no cost.  This might happen due to the University budget issues.  He also indicated that they are also adding more educational programs.  For next year, Mr. Smith indicated that the proposed budget was based on an enrollment of 12,000 students. 

MOTION:  (Anderson/Carvalho)                                                                 SUBOG 03-10 

To approve the CAN Budget for the 2003-2004 academic year as proposed. 

Motion Passed:    14-Yes     0-No     0-Abstain


Ms. Anderson indicated that they had gotten a last minute request from Ms. Sweeney regarding a reallocation of funds to support the summer programs.  Ms. Sweeney indicated that this request was annual routine and was done to ensure that programming fees, paid by full-time students, did not go to fund the summer programs, which are attended mainly by part-time students in the summer.

MOTION:  (Anderson/Smith)                                                                     SUBOG 03-11 

To allocate $8,000 from the SA/LD Reserves to summer programs for the summer of 2003 with $4,000 transferred on either side of the fiscal year.

Motion Passed:    14-Yes     0-No     0-Abstain


Program Council

Mr. Smith indicated his first request would be the ratification for the new CAN Executive Board for 2003-2004

MOTION:  (Carvalho/Corriveau)                                                                SUBOG 03-12     

To ratify the new leadership for the 2003-2004 Central Activities Network:
        Fernando Mendoza - President
        Sarah Kluge - Vice President of Programming
        Mahila Roache - Vice president of Marketing and Recruitment
        Wendy Garosshen - Community Central Coordinator
        Roberto Padua - Central Perk Coordinator

Motion Passed:    14-Yes     0-No     0-Abstain 

Mr. Smith indicated that they are advertising the Spring Week Programs with T-shirts and other creative ideas.  He also reported the concert with David Chappelle had sold out to CCSU students without having to go off campus.  He then highlighted many of the successful series and programs through the year.  He thanked the SUBOG and Program Council for all of the hard work that made this year so great.


IRC Report

Julia indicated that the year of programming was great and happened only through all of the hard work from Hall Presidents. 

Mr. Mendoza introduced Michael Brooks, the SGA President Elect.  Mr. Brooks asked that the SUBOG and SGA increase the degree of communications for next year to support the students better.  He particularly wanted to coordinate financial information.

Mosaic Center

Programs during the past month were highlighted which included the Taste of International Culture was done in conjunction with the Center for International Education.  The Mosaic food challenge and other programs will be done including a meditation workshop.

Student Center Report

Mr. Orloske indicated that things were finally wrapping up with the floor problems being the only major outstanding issue.  He also reported that the framed artwork in the building should be installed this summer along with the remainder of the signage for rooms and artwork.

Mr. Mendoza then indicated that the SUBOG Banquet would be occurring on May 6.  Members were asked to RSVP as soon as possible.

Election of Board Chair 

Mr. Mendoza went over the duties of the Board Chair.  He also indicated that as all qualified students were graduating we had to open up nominations to all remaining students per the Constitution.  Mr. Orloske added that per the Constitution, the election of any student under this provision would require a 2/3 majority of voting members to win election.  Under current membership this would require 14 votes.

Ms. Carvalho then asked that the Board acknowledge the leadership of Mr. Mendoza and all of his hard work as Chair this past semester.

MOTION:  (Carvalho/Newman)                                                                 SUBOG 03-13

To acknowledge and thank Fernando Mendoza for his leadership, hard work and dedication to the Student Center and the students of CCSU as SUBOG Chair for the spring semester. 

Motion Passed:  By Acclamation

Nominations were then open of the position of SUBOG Chair for 2003-2004.  Ms. Carolyn Taggart was nominated.  Hearing no further nomination Mr. Mendoza closed nominations and past out paper ballots.  After counting the cast ballots, Mr. Orloske informed the Board that Ms. Taggart had received the needed votes for election as Chair.

Mr. Mendoza then passed the gavel to Ms. Taggart, who then chaired the meeting.

Ms. Taggart then asked for any announcements.  Ms. Baldini then reported she will be an RA next year and would not be able to be on the Board.  Mr. Mendoza then acknowledged Mr. Smith for his Presidency of PC and his leadership.  Mr. Makoski informed the Board that he had accepted a Graduate Internship in Student Activities and Student Union Operations at Sacred Heart University.  Ms. Sweeney announced the Student Activities Recognition Program and highlights of its program.  Ms. Roache thanked all who supported the United Caribbean Club this year.  

Ms. Taggart adjourned the meeting at 1:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary