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Minutes for Friday, March 11, 2005, 1849 Room 

Present:  C. Taggart (Chair), T. Duda, A..Taitague, M. McDonald, A. Estrom, R. Hurley, A. Augeri, L. Yeomans, D. Orloske, O. Mamed, S. Sweeney, G. Gigliotti 

Guest:  K. Poirier

Ms. Taggart called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.  She welcomed all and indicated that the first order of business was to ratify new positions for the Campus Activities Network (CAN) and Operations Manager Representatives.

MOTION (T. Duda / G. Gigliotti)                                                              SUBOG 2005-01 

To ratify Mike McDonald as a CAN at-large member and Lynette Yeomans as an Operations Manager representative to the SUBOG for 04-05.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


MOTION (G. Gigliotti/R. Hurley)                                                             SUBOG 2005-02 

To accept the minutes of the previous board meeting (12/10/04). 

Motion Passed:   11-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

It was requested that we run the agenda out of order so as to accommodate some members who had other appointments that they were obligated to keep.  All agreed.

Budget Committee Report (see attached report for details)

Mr. Hurley reported that SA/LD and SC accounting provided reports to him to report on the status of the SBG900 account.  There were two requests made of the Budget Committee for this month.

MOTION (R. Hurley/G. Gigliotti)                                                             SUBOG 2005-03  

To fund a request of $300 from SBG900 by Tim Fenton, Student Center Graduate Intern, to support Commuter Outreach programs for the spring semester.

There was some discussion about a possible car wash event; however, DEP regulations do not permit this without special permit.  Events will be at different times of the day, at different locations, with involvement by other campus service departments who want to participate to let commuting students know about their services.

Motion Passed:   11-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


MOTION (R. Hurley/G. Gigliotti)                                                             SUBOG 2005-04  

To transfer $41,800 from SA/LD Activities Fund Reserves to support leadership training ($19,300); Student Activities Graphics and Reception student labor ($5,000) and a Club Shop to make better use of SA/LD office space and better support all clubs and organizations ($17,500) for various office equipment and supplemental furnishings.

There was a good discussion about how CAN / Mosaic would be affected and how each of the parties were supportive of the arrangements to invigorate club activities on campus.  The plan is to implement this during the summer and present the newly arranged facilities as part of an Open House during First Week activities.  All members were eager to be supportive of this venture.  The balance of the Activities Fund Reserves will be slightly less than $20,000, which all were comfortable with for future projects.

Motion Passed:   11-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


CAN Report (attached)

The report presented by Mr. Travis Duda indicated that CAN was in the process of searching for and filling leadership positions for next years executive officers.  He reported that Tiffany Slade and he traveled to the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) National Conference in Minneapolis, MN, and learned a great deal about contracting, popular college events and acts at other campuses.  CAN is currently working on Spring Week and promotions for it.


Mosaic Report (attached)

Rich Hurley gave the Mosaic Committee Report stating that the Diversity Day Program held on February 12, 2005, was a success with 85 people in attendance.  Overall, evaluations of the program were very positive.  Mosaic is working on the 18th Annual British Debates program for Tuesday, March 29, 2005.  This years topic is "This house would place a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage."  Their hope is this will bring a large group of students together to hear the debate and discussion of such a current and hot national issue.  Other programs are planned for later in the spring.


House Committee Report (attached)

Otis Mamed reported on behalf of House Committee Chair, Krystal Crowe.  The committee met on March 8, 2005, and heard the proposal for the reorganization of the SA/LD Offices to better support CAN, Mosaic and all campus clubs and organizations.  CAN is excited to move to one of the office spaces in the Mosaic Center along with the Mosaic Committee.  The current CAN office will be rearranged to create work space for all clubs and organizations, providing them with space for use of work tables, computers, phones, fax, and copy machines, along with support from the SA/LD graphics students.  Support from the Student Center is expected to make the physical changes necessary in the space during the summer, along with support for the technology changes that will collaboratively occur there.  Staffing will occur through current positions, with the hope that proposed staff will come through for the future. 

It was noted that the original design of the renovated Student Center was to have a club shop on the second floor of the drum where there is now lounge space.  SA/LD is commended for their thoughtful solution to the problem inherited when design, engineering and state regulations came together to crush the original plan. 

The consensus of the House Committee was that we fully support the concepts put forth.  Since no change was being requested in terms of the department using the space assigned to that department, then no formal motion was required, and the House Committee recommends that the full SUBOG support the concept.  The SUBOG by consensus agreed.


Student Services Committee Report (none)

Old Business (none) 

New Business

Mr. Mamed will arrange a polling of all members as to whether a meeting time for the next two meetings would be better at 1:00, 2:30 or 3:00 p.m. on Friday.



Ms. Taggart asked for a report on the Listen UP! feedback program implemented at the end of last semester.  Mr. Mamed reported that to date we had about 18 cards and on-line submissions and that there was a good mix of ideas, complaints, compliments and feedback.  Most feedback was for food service areas and most suggestions were for the game room. 

Mr. Mamed indicated that we can now count the number of people entering and exiting the building, by door, by half hour.  Point your browser to the following website to take a look at the counts. 

Mr. Mamed shared the budget he proposed to the Student Affairs Office (attached).  Should an increase to the personnel budget not occur, the budget proposal makes it clear that this would hurt students in two ways.  First, the number of hours the Student Center would be open might be reduced to save labor dollars since 2/3 of the current budget is student labor costs.  Mr. Mamed noted that Southern Connecticut State University already has shortened hours due to budget cuts (8 a.m. 8 p.m. M - T; 8 a.m. 5 p.m. F and S; CLOSED Sundays!).  Mr. Mamed indicated that this will only make up a small portion of the shortfall and that more services may have to be charged for, such as technician and setup labor to students, departments and community users.  The second way students would be hurt is that with fewer open hours, more students will need to seek employment elsewhere, though no students will lose their jobs at the Student Center, their hours may be reduced.  He requested we write our legislators and senators and let them know the state needs to do a better job supporting higher education!

Mr. Mamed noted that the Graduate Intern Search is under way and that so far the pool has been sparse.  Administrative faculty in both departments are concerned that the stipend may be the biggest cause for this.  UCONN, UMASS, Fairfield and other comparable programs are currently providing a stipend of as much as $6,000 more and in some cases compensatory time for hours over 30 per week, along with housing and meal plans.  A proposal for an increase in the stipend is awaiting reply, again due to budget concerns.

Mr. Orloske noted that Advising Days and Orientation are being changed to a combined program during the summer over a period of several individual days. 

Ms. Sweeney indicated that a much more robust First Week program will support this plan in an attempt for more students to connect with and be retained by the University at the end of their first year.  Right now a Club Drive and Open House for the Student Center are planned for August 30, so save the date! 

The next SUBOG Meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 15, 2005, in the 1849 Room of the Student Center.  TIME TO BE DETERMINED!!! 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2004-2005