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MINUTES - Friday, March 12, 2004

Present:   S. Blake, K. Carpino, B. Lewellyn, F. Mendoza, J. Monroe, K. Newman, D. Orloske, C. Peppes,
  M. Roache, R. Schneeweiss, T. Stubbs, C. Taggart (Chair), A. Taitague

Ms. Taggart, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.

      MOTION (T. Stubbs/B. Lewellyn)                                                       SUBOG 2004-1

To ratify Ms. Jennifer Monroe as the Inter Residence Council (IRC) Representative to SUBOG for the remainder of the academic year.

      Motion Passed:    10-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


The committees were then called upon to give their reports.

Ms. Peppes, House Committee chair, gave the report.  There was a discussion about a policy for the trophy case and the House Committee will return with a recommended policy for the Board to review and approve.  Furthermore, the House Committee will present at our next meeting a proposal for a Comment Card project and will review the current policy on lobby space reservations.

Furthermore, Central Activities Network (C.A.N.) needs to make a request for signage change in reference to their office and directions to their office.  Signage currently reads Program Council (C.A.N.’s previous name).

Mr. Mendoza then gave the Budget Committee Report.

      MOTION:  (F. Mendoza/B. Lewellyn)                                                 SUBOG 2004-2

To allocate $5,365.71 for the purchase of three (3) trophy cases.

      Motion Passed:    12-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


MOTION:  (T. Stubbs/B. Lewellyn)                                                     SUBOG 2004-3

To allocate from SUBOG account SBG900:

              $300 for Commuter Social
              $870 for Blood Drive
            $3500 for Winter Social and the annual Recognition Dinner

      Motion Passed:    12-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


Discussion ensued, Mr. Orloske explained projects of the SUBOG. Are these items always going to be supported by this account? – SBG900.

Mr. Stubbs then gave a brief report on behalf of the Student Services Committee. He mentioned the development of a contest for commuter recognition.

Ms. Crowe, chair of the Mosaic Center Committee, was not present.  Ms. Peppes, advisor to that area, gave a report on behalf of the group.  Thirty students attended the Campus of Difference™ program on March 5, 2004.  Ms. Peppes shared information concerning the issues that surrounded this program including the response to an article that appeared in The Recorder (Ms. Crowes’ letter is attached). 

The Mosaic Center Committee has focused on structure and redecorating within the Center.  Plans are to purchase two new computers and a TV.  A new work-study student has been employed to help manage the office.

Mr. Mendoza, president of Central Activities Network, gave the C.A.N. report.  He highlighted the plans for Spring Week, the successes of Winter Weekend, and the high attendance at Cinema Central (Kill Bill – 450 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 450) 

      MOTION:  (F. Mendoza/T. Stubbs)                                                     SUBOG 2004-4

To ratify Mr. Danny Reyes as the C.A.N. Cinema Central Coordinator for the remainder of the academic year.

      Motion Passed:    12-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


MOTION:  (F. Mendoza/B. Lewellyn)                                                 SUBOG 2004-5

To ratify Ms. Amanda Taitague to fill a C.A.N. seat on the SUBOG for the remainder of the academic year.

      Motion Passed:    12-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


Mr. Schneeweiss and Mr. Orloske then reported on the progress of the search for three Graduate Intern vacancies.  Members of the Board are invited to the interview process.

Mr. Schneeweiss reported on the recent Association of College Unions International (ACUI) conference held in Washington, DC.

Mr. Orloske reported that the search for a new vice president for Student Affairs has been successfully concluded and Dr. Margaret Toston will be joining the CCSU team on April 16.

The SUBOG Recognition Dinner will be on Tuesday, May 11.  Ms. Newman, Ms. Taitague, and Mr. Stubbs volunteered to be on the planning committee for the dinner.

SUBOG election will be held on May 7.

During Open Floor, Mr. Lewellyn raised concerns about the price of soft drinks in the vending machines.  This conversation will continue.

The next SUBOG meeting will be held on Friday, April 16, at 1:00 p.m., Student Center 1849 Room.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG 2003-2004