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MINUTES - Friday, January 31, 2003

Present:    F. Mendoza, S. Kluge, C. Carvalho, M. Roache, D. Anderson, C. Handzel, D. Orloske,
S. Sweeney, N. Newman, W. Garosshen, M. Makoski, C. Taggart, E. Potter

Guests:  J. Hermelbracht

Mr. Mendoza called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m. in the Blue & White Room.

Mr. Mendoza then announced the list of new members to be ratified and asked for a motion to ratify them as a group.

     MOTION:  (Anderson/Kluge) - To ratify the following new members to the Board:

Nickesha Newman – Operations Manager Representative
Wendy Garosshen – Operations Manager Representative
Mike Makoski – Operations Manager Representative
Carolyn Taggart – Special Interest Seat from Pride
Mahilia Roache – Program Council At-Large Representative

Motion Passed:  6-Yes   0-No   0-Abstain                                                SUBOG 03-01           

Committee assignments

Mr. Mendoza appointed new chairs of the Board Standing Committees to fill the positions for the remainder of the academic year.  These appointments were Debra Anderson to chair Budget, Wendy Garosshen to chair House, and Cindy Carvalho to chair Student Services.

Mr. Mendoza then asked members to select a committee to serve on for the semester.  He then asked people to separate into committees for a few minutes to get to know one another and to setup meeting times.  He also asked them to briefly discuss issues they see their committees dealing with for the semester.

Committees then reported back to the Board with their meeting times.

Program Council Report

Ms. Carvalho gave the Program Council report as Mr. Smith is student teaching and cannot attend.  Ms. Carvalho then put forth a request to ratify Ms. Kluge as Spotlight Coordinator.

MOTION:  (Carvalho/Handzel) - To ratify Sarah Kluge as Coordinator of the
Spotlight Committee for Program Council.

Motion Passed:  10-Yes   0-No   0-Abstain                                              SUBOG 03-02


Ms. Carvalho covered activities held over the last few weeks.  She highlighted a retreat where Program Council members developed a proposal for a new structure for the Program Council organization.

Ms. Carvalho and Mr. Hermelbracht gave a presentation on the proposed changes to the structure of Program Council as outlined in the Board Constitution.  The presentation covered the general philosophy of the proposal as well as significant changes to the constitution.

Questions as to the flexibility of structure were raised and noted by the Program Council representatives.  Mr. Orloske also requested that the final draft of the proposed changes also include all of the needed changes to the rest of the constitution that would result from title and name changes in the proposed new section and be submitted for approval at the next meeting

Ms. Potter gave a report on the Mosaic Center.  She indicated that they are currently getting the Mosaic Committee together again and hope to have leadership in place soon.  She covered some of the upcoming programs including a “brown bag” discussion series on current issues that will be held in the Mosaic Center.

Ms. Sweeney indicated that there is information going out on campus inviting people to come to the Mosaic Center to assist in setting its direction.  Open House is February 5 with light refreshments.

Mr. Orloske then presented a proposal to allocate bulletin board space to the University Card Office in the north hallway.

MOTION:  (Orloske/Anderson) - To allocate the bulletin board space directly
over the campus phones near the north entry, to the University Card Office.

Motion Passed:  10-Yes   0-No   0-Abstain                                              SUBOG 03-03


SGA is sponsoring Blue Devil Days to promote weekend programs and keep people on campus.  They are designating special allocations to programs on weekends.

Winter Weekend is this coming week with the One Ton Sundae and many other events.

Next meeting Friday, February 21.

Mr. Mendoza adjourned the meeting at 2:52 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane Orloske

Executive Secretary