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MINUTES - THURSDAY, December 5, 1996

Student Union Board of Governors

Present:  M. Burrows, A. Clayton, S. Kamani, T. Kiernan, S. Lamont, 
M. Moylan, D. Orloske, S. Rich, D. Ross, R. Schneeweiss, D. Wall, C. West (chair)
After a delay for quorum, Ms. West called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

Mr. David Wall, chair of the Budget Committee, noted there was no Budget 
Committee meeting.  In reference to the funding of dances in Semesters, he 
was going to talk with the Program Council.

Ms. Lamont spoke on behalf of the Student Services Committee, which also 
did not have a meeting.  Sponsored on behalf of commuters at the beginning 
of the spring semester will be a give-away of ice scrapers and a commuter 

Ms. West reported on the ad hoc committee's discussions concerning Daka.  
Mr. Orloske promised to deliver these concerns directly to Daka management.

Suggestions included:

*       Healthier food choices to be offered.
*       More variety in food selections.
*       Coffee not always being kept up.
*       Menu is not very clear.
*       Plastic ware is on occasion dirty.
*       Is it possible to have another microwave?
*       The $2.50 meal plan (if you decide to eat in the Student Center 
        instead of Memorial Hall)  the amount of money doesn't really pay 
        for a full lunch.

As well as positive observations:

*       The fast food (Pizza Hut & Taco Bell) are great.
*       Yogurt is offered.
*       Like  juice beverages that are offered.
*       Fresh fruit.
*       Really like the personalities of the staff.

The House Committee report was given by Ms. Lamont.  The Committee went on 
a walking tour of the Student Center and made the following suggestions for 
improvements that might be made to the Student Center.

*       Browsing Lounge:  Possibility of putting more tables in the area, 
        removing some couches.  Also, table lamps might help with lighting 
        in the room and more diverse artwork.
*       Devil's Den: Putting booths along the wall and window area, a 
        second microwave, and new shades for the windows.
*       Semesters:  Installing a canopy over the back door area which says 
        Semesters.  Also, putting in another food area in the grill area.
*       President's Lounge:  Better lighting, new, diverse artwork that 
        speaks to people and student ethnicity (African-American, Hispanic, etc.); 
        even posters to help dress up the room's plain features.
*       Lobby:  Putting spotlights on the art above the Ballroom doors to 
        help bring it out more.
*       Ballroom:  Plants (ferns) to dress up stage and ballroom area.
*       Study Lounge:  Installing table lamps because of inadequate 
        lighting.  Possibility of moving the room when the new addition is 
        built so it is away from the TV lounges.
*       North Room:  Needs artwork on the walls.
*       Second Floor Lavatories:  Need renovations badly.

MOTION (T. Kiernan/M. Moylan) To grant Program Council permission 
to conduct their retreat in the Student Center, January 25-26, 1997. 

Discussion:  It was explained that the Student 
Activities/Leadership Development staff would supervise this overnight; 
and, it would cause no staffing needs by the SCOES staff.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-37)

Finally, the House Committee considered the concern of the name 
"CyberTypos."  It is recommended the name remain the same.

Ms. Tara Kiernan, president of Program Council, then gave the Program 
Council report.  She highlighted the tryouts for the Oxford Union Society 
debate, an open mic, Sean Sasser (lecture), an upcoming trip to New York 
City co-sponsored with the Inter-Residence Council, and the appearance on 
November 22 of James Mapes.

She also reported on the Tribe Called Quest/Roots concert.  Although 
"Tribe" has been here before and reviewed as a top concert attraction, 
attendance was disappointing.  This concert has impacted the Music 
Committee budget as well as the Program Council reserve.

Ms. Kiernan then reported on a bill that was passed at the December 5 
meeting of the Student Government Association (SGA).  The intent of this 
bill is to place the SUBOG and the PC portion of the Student Activities 
Fund under the supervision of the SGA.  The bill states that the SUBOG and 
PC would submit financial statements monthly to the SGA and that 
"violations are subject to mandatory and non-mandatory punishments."

An extended conversation took place as to the lack of right of domain the 
SGA has in this matter and the conditions that might have generated such a 
bill.  Ms. West and Ms. Kiernan plan on having a meeting with President 
Judd about this matter.

Ms. West then called for open floor.  Mr. Orloske said that Mr. Fritz 
Farquhar of Planning Design Graphics will be interviewing people concerning 
the Student Center expansion plans.  He also reported that the Welte 
Auditorium renovation is on schedule.

It was also announced that Eric Rowles (SCOES graduate intern) was selected 
as a recipient of the McCullough/NACA Scholarship.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG



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