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MINUTES - Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Student Union Board of Governors

Attendance:  S. Lamont, M. Shedd, L. Gargamelli, J. Walsh,  D. Orloske, D. 
Ross, R. Campbell, J. Kaufman, H. Palmer, C. McCabe, D. Sarro.

Meeting was called to order by Ms. Lamont at 4:10 p.m. in the Mountain 
Laurel Room of Memorial Hall.

Ms. Lamont then asked for committee reports.

House Committee
Ms. Gargamelli reported that the Committee received a request from The 
Central Recorder to swap offices with the currently inactive Dial Yearbook. 
She indicated that the Committee discussed many issues and finally was 
recommending approval as The Recorder was the major occupant of the common 
area and spent more time in this area.  The office in question has windows, 
and it was felt that this would be appropriate.  She also indicated that as 
the other office area was a bit larger, this would open other possibilities 
for use by other student clubs.

        MOTION:  (Gargamelli /Palmer)  To recommend that The Central 
Recorder be allowed to swap offices with the currently inactive Dial 

        MOTION PASSED ( 9-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 97-23

Regarding the remaining office Ms. Gargamelli reported that the Committee 
was recommending that all student clubs and organizations be given the 
opportunity to request the space for their use.  Ms. Sarro asked if 
consideration for the compatibility of the organizations with the 
activities of the Recorder staff would be given in the selection process.  
She was assured that it would.  Mr. Orloske also added that the process 
would also provide an opportunity to see what the office and support needs 
were for clubs as it might relate to the Student Center Addition Project.

        MOTION:  (Gargamelli /Shedd)  To recommend that the office space 
vacated by the inactive Dial Yearbook be advertised to all student clubs 
and organizations for reallocation

        MOTION PASSED ( 9-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 97-24

Budget Committee
Mr. Campbell reported the Committee had been busy and was working with 
Program Council to develop a standard financial reporting system which the 
Council would use to prepare monthly financial statements for the Board to 
review.  He said they were enthusiastic and felt it should be in place by 
the next meeting of the Board.

Mr. Campbell reported that the Committee did not meet but was active.  They 
have assisted the Program Council to develop a system of spreadsheets that 
will enable committees to mange their individual budgets better.   They are 
currently assisting in the development of a spreadsheet to enable Program 
Council to easily produce a monthly statement of accounts to be presented 
to the Board.  This is to be accomplished by the next meeting of the Board.

Student Services Committee
Ms. Kaufman reported that the Committee ran two Commuter Coffee programs 
that were a success.  Over 150 copies of the Commuter Newsletter were 
distributed alone with coffee that was provided by Daka.  She also reported 
that the Devils Den Manager had met with them and is contemplating  opening 
at 8:00 a.m. rather than 7:30 a.m. as the numbers were very low.  The 
possibility of keeping the Grand Central Cafe open late during finals was 
discussed but no commitments were made.

Program Council
Ms. Shedd gave a verbal report on activities of the Council over the past 
month highlighting a successful noon time folk act in Semesters and a 
disappointing comedy show.   She reported that an Open Mic talent program 
was a greater than expected sign up.  Upcoming events included a 
cosponsored dance with WFCS, a lecture by Kareem Abdul Jubbar, a trip to 
New York City, and the major concert of the semester featuring Fiona Apple. 
Over 100 tickets were sold already for the Apple concert which is a good 
sign the show will sell out.

Old Business
Mr. Orloske reported that a corrected copy of the minutes from the last 
meeting was distributed due to a minor error.  Also a revised copy of the 
SUBOG Constitution was distributed, reflecting the changes made at the last 

Mr. Orloske also reported that the Addition/Renovation Project of the 
Student Center had started and currently the program was being refined to 
meet budget realities.  He said after the next meeting this week he would 
know more and planned to present a more detailed status report at the next 
meeting.  Questions were asked regarding student participation and Mr., 
Orloske assured members that students from the Board and other groups would 
be involved in the workshops during the next month or so.  The Board as a 
whole would also be briefed and requested to provide feedback on the plans. 
Mr. Orloske also briefly described the many other capital building 
projects in the works on campus.

Open Floor
Dean Ross invited member to participate in the BOT Student Life Committee 
visit to campus on December 10 by attending lunch and sharing their views 
with the committee members.  Many accepted the invitation.

New Business
Ms. Lamont indicated she had forgotten to report that the Graduate Student 
Organization had appointed Mr. Paul Sutera as their representative to the 
Board for the year. She requested a motion to ratify the appointment.

        MOTION:  (Palmer/Gargamelli)  To ratify the nomination of Paul 
Sutera as the Graduate Student Representative to the SUBOG.

        MOTION PASSED ( 8-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 97-25

Meeting adjourned at 4:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary  '97-'98

Note: This was the last scheduled meeting of the SUBOG for 1997.  The next 
meeting will be scheduled for early February unless there is a pressing 
need to have one in December or January.



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